Where do you go to get, earn, or buy bitcoins?

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    I really believe in crytocurrencies especially Bitcoins, and I know I must get my hands on some Bitcoins now that it’s starting to take off.

    Question is, where do I go to to get the best deal on Bitcoins? I really want to be able to get them in exchange for something else, or maybe even buy bitcoins if the price is reasonable. Thanks!


    Normally I get bitcoin with an online exchange platform (kraken.com or coinbase.com) or buying directly from someone else.
    When I start to use this crypto I have also used other services but I think the prices are not convenient anymore and the best way to get new bitcoins is only exchange directly for cash.


    I am lucky in the sense that we have a pretty good an reliable local exchange here in my country.

    When I do need to buy (which I don’t really do much often these days), can be done online (just transfer some money to your account) or buy from the convenience store (7 11) or from Bitcoin Teller Machines or BTMs, very easy, fast and no fees.

    I don’t ever have to worry about getting scammed like in P2P sites since I’ll be buying directly from the exchange service. Another plus is I can buy even without verification, though drawback to that is the low limits.

    So aside from buying, I can also get BTC through actually earning the BTCs. Could be from campaigns, jobs, investment returns and wins from gambling.

    mark alonzo

    Some time ago, online bitcoin faucets (those sites you go to everyday to claim your free bitcoins) aren’t so bad… Claiming only on the good ones everyday was possible to make some fast profit without waste of time and energy. Surely, it was an activity for who likes to claim and think it’s fun (and turn into a lazy bear). But for who used faucets with low rewards like the ones you’d find in today’s world, I agree it doesn’t worth the time and energy spent by you. You could be spending the whole day trying to claim free bitcoins, but at the end of the day, your earnings won’t even pay for the electricity used trying to claim BTCs online, all day.
    Now the things are much worse. Faucets are paying dust, and we can’t count with this activity anymore to make profit.
    For me the best way to get your own bitcoin is to buy from legit exchange platforms, or sell stuff or services in exchange for bitcoins. Just my 2 cents.


    I’m getting bitcoins now from my investment, I am just waiting to collect all my capital and the best thing about this, my earning is continuous even I already make a withdraw some of my earnings. I am not encouraging you guys to try also what I am doing now, I am just being a risk taker.


    There are many ways to get your hands on Bitcoin. Personally, I prefer getting BTCs through a peer to peer exchange platform. There are some sites like localbitcoins which is widely known. Transaction is easy, secure since escrow is used and very fast especially if both the buyer and seller use the same bank. Another way is the ATM bitcoin. I visited once only for experience. Of course there is face to face exchange if there is trust between traders. :)


    I personally like to buy bitcoins via cash deposit at banks and at Localbitcoins.com. Localbitcoins essentially serves as an escrow for the buyers and the sellers so that they are both protected in the trading process, so I feel more secure when buying with them. It is fast and easy if you choose the right seller to buy from.

    Don’t go and use Paxful however, as paxful has some open scam accusations around them.


    For a beginner in this new industry, you can get bitcoins online and it depend on your own choice. First you can go into faucet sites which they give out free bitcoin/satoshi every hour, but in this type of earning bitcoin it will take a long period of time before you get earn big into it, so I would really not recomment wasting your time on faucets.
    Or you can ask your friend who is also involved in this field of industry because your buddy can possibly sell bitcoin to you and will depend on your negotiation.


    You can either BUY it or EARN it. I suppose you meant the latter. Go do signature campaigns, or offer services in exchange of btc. Once you get enough you can try trading using altcoins, or “Bitcoin Alternatives”. I know someone who used his btc to buy an altcoin. He then use those altcoins to place dice and just keep the earnings since the altcoin is increasing in price anyway. To make sure he gets the most of his bitcoins and altcoin he only exchanges them for fiat when he need to buy things that can’t be paid with bitcoins.


    Well, the best way to collect Bitcoin is to start your own business and accept bitcoins for payment or learn some skills, like programming.

    In such way, you can earn bitcoin for the work you’ve done. It’s the most guaranteed way to earn it, definitely.

    In my opinion, trading is a very risky way to learn about bitcoin.
    Signature campaign will not bring to much Bitcoin funds to users but it’s safer way to collect Bitcoin and can be foundation for later.

    Good luck! ;)


    Fortunately for me, I have not had problems getting bitcoins since I became a profitable forex trader, especially because I have chosen to trade via broker platforms that have enabled bitcoin when withdrawing my funds. Thus, to cite an example, when I earn profits in my forex account (which was opened in US dollars) I can withdraw through my bitcoin address.


    My ways to get bitcoin: online bitcoin faucets – yes, I still use it in 2017. Yes, faucets rewards are quite very low and can’t be compared with the rewards we were used to one or two years ago. But I still can make some btc and I even have some referrals.
    Signature campaigns – I’m not making many posts because I don’t have much free time, but it’s fun to get money for a hobby.
    Trading – I’m not serious trader, but sometimes I can make some good amounts of btc from it.
    Sports betting – I’m often losing more than I earn via this venue.
    I also sometimes make small tasks or participate in giveaways, but it does not give decent amount of btc.

    bob chua

    A great way is that if you are living on a country that has a local bitcoin exchange, you can simply buy bitcoin through them.

    Here in my country there are a lot of competitors that are buying and selling bitcoin’s from their customer which is good for us who buys bitcoins. Competition benefits us all.

    Also I’m getting some of my bitcoin with alt coin trading which is not that really high but it is a good one to add my balance.

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