What is your recommended life insurance?

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    Swerte ng cousin ko nabigyan na agad sya ng PHP1million nung nag graduate sya, thanks to my lolo dahil binilhan sha ng insurance nung baby pa sya.. favorite apo! Anyway as for me i haven’t thought about purchasing myself life insurance yet because i’m still young (turning 23 this August) but mostly because I’d rather invest my money in other assets like house n lot, and other bank investment options. Parang takot ako kumuha ng insurance part na din na baka poor ang customer service ng agent ko. At least sa bangko, yung bank mismo ang katransact mo at sayo talaga yung asset mo that you can withdraw anytime. Sa insurance, well kelangan pa ng approval at assessment nila before you can claim anything. Just my 2 cents…



    I already met a sunlife financial advisor. It’s nice that she talked me through the entire process, even the technicalities so now I understand it better, kaso I’m still budgeting my finances. Napansin ko lang na parang lahat may kasamang investment, then ang inooffer nya sakin ang tawag ay VUL. Ano po ba ang masasabi nyo dito? Akala ko kasi insurance lang and then what she’s offering me is insurance & investment, the VUL.



    @Tinahhh Hi!! :) VUL or Variable Universal Life insurance are for those who wants to invest and protect at the same time. Kumbaga, habang insured ka, meron ka rin investment. But your investment depends on where you would want to put your money in (equity, bonds, or balanced). Also, the performance of your Fund Value (your investment) will also depend on where you decided to put your money in. Hope this helps! :)



    AXA Philippines is a reputable Insurance company. With more than 150 years in existence servicing more than 103 million clients worldwide. Recognized by InterBrand for seven consecutive years as the number one Insurance in the world. AXA is a well known company in Insurance and Investments. They just launched their new prime HMO type Health product – Global Health Access – Gold lite. An in-patient HMO that can be used even when your out of the country (world wide). You have the option to choose your own doctor at any of the accredited hospitals in the country. You are also covered 100M every year, renewable up to age 99.

    I understand most people had bad experiences with insurance companies or the agents whom the signed-up with. But just to remind, not all advisors are just after the commission, There are lots of advisors out there who are after educating Filipino people the importance of having an insurance as part of your Financial well-being.



    Agent na may puso at committment sayo at sa pamilya mo- Theena at your service.

    Let’s talk about this!

    PM me @ 09173151852



    My bad experience ako sa AXA, mag 2 years na akong naghulog, noong tignan ko sa online nung sa akin, nagulat ako bumaba sya…Axelerator nung sa akin….ayaw ko nang ituloy…



    Pru Life UK

    Always Listening, Always Understanding!

    Hindi nga tayo magkakilala pero hindi ko naman kayo papabayaan dahil pinagkatiwalaan nyo ko.




    Financial advisor here, just want to remind po yung may mga account na, na yung pera niyo from your account is pwede pang bumaba or tumaas, depende po kasi yan sa laro ng stocks, I don’t know if na-explain sa inyo yan ng agents niyo. I am sure nakalagay yan sa mga contract niyo if hindi nasabi sa inyo ng agents niyo (na dapat na-explain ng mabuti). if you cannot reach your agent, I suggest na puntahan niyo yung office ng insurance company niyo to ask about your policy.

    just want to share po, I got into this business when my father passed away on November 2016, walang insurance yung father ko nung nawala siya, me and my family yung gumawa ng paraan para ipagamot siya at ipalibing. then I realized, pano kung ako naman yung may sakit? aasa ba ako sa mga anak ko at sa mga kapatid ko? I can save money today for my future, why not start saving hanggang kaya ko pa.



    My agent told me na may online account na sila ngayon to check the status of your investment na daw. You can ask it sa Sunlife mismo



    “Whatever the package is that I get, I think it all boils down to customer service – if these companies are reliable and if they even pay out what is claimed, and also if they are actually responsive to customer needs long after one finally signs the agreement (excellent after sales service). I’m looking for feedback on one of the following life insurance companies here in the Philippines (please let me know if there is something amiss that should be included in the list):”
    Hello Frustrated Billionaire,

    This is Em. To disclose, I am a financial adviser from PruLife UK.
    I believe that every life insurance company has its own amazing products.
    And as you said, it boils down to having a reliable and fast-responding customer service.
    Thus, I just wanna share with you a true-to-life experience on my years with Prulife UK and
    be a living witness on how reliable our company can be.
    I have this friend of mine who got himself insured with Prulife UK’s VUL, PAA+.
    He was actually in his early 20’s when he availed that product.
    Being in early 20’s, one wouldn’t be expecting that something not-so-good might happen.
    After a year, unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a serious illness,
    one that is nearing to cancer.
    We did everything to help him..
    processing of philhealth, HMO’s and all the help we could get.
    With that state of his health, we were so glad when we knew that the said illness
    was listed in Prulife UK’s list of Critical Illneses (the list covers up to 36 illnesses).
    After processing for the claim, with just a week (more or less, if I remembered it right)
    he received a million that he then use for his treatment.
    He filed an indefinite leave from office and after the treatment and recovery period,
    he’s now back on his job with bars of health.
    Being a Prulife UK financial adviser, my heart was filled with joy and gratefulness and
    satisfaction on this job I have taken.
    I am proud how Prulife UK has helped lives. :)

    If you wish to know more about Prulife UK’s products,
    do not hesitate to talk to the man in pru. :)

    +63910 260 2298



    Hi! I am a policyholder of Sunlife, I got a VUL… Walk-in client lang ako and hindi ko personally kilala yung naging advisor ko, I am glad na sa kanya ako napunta, she is an advisor with a heart! Find an advisor with the heart, yung mararamdaman mo na hindi ka lang pinagkakakitaan sa kakasalpak ng riders na hindi mo naman gusto or hindi mo makakayang bayaran. Just set your goals and let your advisor know about it, if passionate yan tutulungan ka talaga niya in giving sound advices.

    Happy customer of Sunlife for 4 years.



    Yup, maganda yung prulife. Madali ka din mag encash pag ayaw mo na. Even without your agent’s help.



    I used Pilipinas Generalis in BDO.I chose this life insurance it simply because i dont want any hassle in contacting the agent.As very obvious, BDO branches are everywhere and each branches they have their agent or representative.So if i have any inquiries of my insurance , I would just directly go to the branch which i chose the branch near to my home.I’ve got Healthcare insurance also (Kaiser) to cover all the rest of my needs during illness in addition to Philhealth. I chose Kaiser even the brach is far from home because i could transact everything online.The payment and any inquiries , as with my experience they are really guiding you on what to do.I am now 3 years on kaiser and ive got the postive experience with them.I think indulging and making yourself insured is one way of paying yourself of the everyday hard work you have done.Making your family free from worries when the favor life will be against you.Just sharing….😊I am so glad reading each questions and comments on your site.I will be your forever follower.You are such a great man that cares of others.Thank you!

    Rank: Diamond



    “I am so glad reading each questions and comments on your site.I will be your forever follower.You are such a great man that cares of others.Thank you!”

    Thanks for joining the forum and sharing what you know. And SALAMAT NG MADAMI for the kind words Hazel, it surely means a lot to me. Words from readers like you inspire me more. Glad this blog was able to inspire you, too! :)



    Hi! I’m palnning to get an insurance pero nag dadalawang isip po ako dahil may plan po ako mag migrate sa abroad with my family. Just want to ask kung magagamit ko pa rin ba and if it’s wise na kumuha pa din ng life insurance kahit nasa abroad Ako? Any thoughts?

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