How many people are getting interested in Bitcoin now?

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    People do not care when bitcoin’s equivalent price is low. They are not interested in learning it or getting involved into it and would just say, “I will think about it." or “I will try." But now that bitcoin’s price had a sudden sharp rise, many are now getting interested. Oh well.

    This just proves that many people would only care about something if it has a high value, or if it’s already starting to get there. They are just interested about bitcoin because they think that it could make them rich. Yes it is possible to get rich through bitcoin but it is not going to be that easy.



    As for me, most of my friends know that I’m into bitcoin. But I’m only picking on whom to talk to when it comes to their bitcoin questions and all that.

    To be honest, I’m getting tired of their questions which is cycling again and again with the same answers and in the end their interest will be lost in thin air.

    This is what I do now, I’m just keeping quiet while earning bitcoin. ;)



    I got into bitcoin just very recently but before I told my friends about it like, “hey guys bitcoin value could blow up you should get in.” you can guess what happened next, the ignore button and worse, the seen zone. Then a month or two later they go “OMG how do I get some freaking bitcoin?”. Well, duh. LMFAO

    And just like that they already now want to trade, sell, and get seriously involved. I even told them I would help them. But now they are just plain disinterested again. I think the media can influence how the “muggles” interpret this new technology and if it goes with what they know, then they are in.

    If it goes against their knowledge, they simply just refute it or are not willing to believe. That is until price absolutely skyrockets and usually that is the time when it’s too late to get in and cash in. Because people want that easy money, nobody wants to work hard for it.

    I’ll just roll my eyes Next time they ask though, I wont necessarily shrug them off, but I wont help like I would have the first two times. Lesson learned. Cheers and good luck!



    None out of the circle though. It is just friends and families who might ask and that is just plain out of the blue.
    They need something that is why they will ask.
    Something like for a game or whatever they will buy online that have a bitcoin payment opened.
    But after I explain it will all just come to a ending where they dont really care and didn’t even listen to what I said. So it’s like all my efforts explaining bitcoin is not appreciated.
    Surrendered doing it over and over and just answer them plain simple: “It can be used for payment or could be sent all over the world.”



    My classmates don’t believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies, without an even proper research they would just laugh at it and tell me that it is a huge scam. Many people here are beginning to think what lies ahead and what business they could make from it before cryptocurrencies go to major cities and become the major cryptocurrency. Some are just silently working in the shadows because they don’t let people know that they are earning a lot of money in cryptocurrencies. We have our own ways, some people just ask to mock you, some are investigating and some are watching how it will turn out. My favorite is the one who put a shoulder on you and said let’s do this shall we?



    In my case my brother was asking about what bitcoin is and what you can do with bitcoin and other cryptos, I also told him some brief explanation on how you can earn bitcoin and what is the current market price of bitcoin today but he actually doesn’t care about it because he don’t see it that it is reasonable to earn that income $5 per week and now I’m earning $20 per week because eh always compare it to a legit job that you work 8 hours a day and hard work to earn like $800 in 2 weeks but its not like that bitcoin is increasing everyday and the value of the bitcoin is not stable it can sky rocket to the highest point than regular money were your per hour wage is the same until you quit and move to another job.
    I did not encounter other people who come to me and asked about bitcoin for help, but I was actually the one who asked for help into how can I earn bitcoins and one of my friend back home in my country taught me how to earn and now I’m doing it and earning every week. Cheers!



    Every day I always get the question “why are you so confident in your investments?”
    Of course I answer proudly “Bitcoin is my stability”. Nowadays there is the time of technologies, as if one famous person said “if your business is not connected with internet ,you will never earn real money”. Bitcoin helps people from all over the planet earn money from the free internet,its a real pleasure when you can earn money from your hobby.
    So, my answer for people who would ask “Where do you work?” I answer proudly “I work with Bitcoin family”.

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