How many people are getting interested in Bitcoin now?

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    I’ve been talking about Bitcoin to colleagues, friends and random people for years now and nobody seemed to care when BTC value was still in the hundreds. I have actively bought Bitcoins a few years back, and now that Bitcoin is almost at US$2000 (fingers crossed), people are starting to realize that owning 1 BTC is beginning to be out of reach for the average person.

    I’ve had more people asking me about Bitcoin lately and wanted help buying Bitcoins. What do you think about this, are more people getting interested, and have they been asking you how to dive in and get their own BTCs? Just curious and wanted to find out.


    Nobody is asking me. Although my friends have a general idea, my family isn’t really following the price of Bitcoin, and actually they don’t really care. The case is the same with stocks. A company could go up by 200% in a week and we wouldn’t know or care, because we haven’t invested anything.

    So yeah, currently our general treatment of BTC is just like stocks.

    Takeshita John

    My uncle, nephew, cousins asking me what is the status of bitcoin now because I will teach them how to use bitcoin since the price of bitcoin is $500 only I think this 2016 of June when I decided to teach bitcoin to then but they just ignore bitcoin. They said today they wanted to invest in bitcoin I said to them thats right the price is too high now but you can buy its their choice if the price decrease its their fault. I said if you invest in bitcoin on that day when I teach you for sure you have a lot of money your money become quadrupled. My two cousins purchased bitcoin at around $1700-$1800 and they made a huge profit. Thanks to my two cousins trust bitcoin but I still teach them because their house is too far to my home.


    To be honest I really don’t have have the precious time in the past to share Bitcoin and how it works to other people. I just thought it’s not necessary for me to do so. But when the price started to hit US$1300, it started to amaze me and I really felt the need to share it to others who might be interested in BTCs too. I started to talk to my friends and colleagues about it but they seem not to be interested. I sometimes post in my facebook account our local buy and sell rates for Bitcoin, but not much interest from it. Now that it hit the US$2000 price, that’s when others started asking me about it and I am more than willing to share what I know. Although a little part of me thinks that they are too late to start investing in and earning bitcoin, a much greater part of me really believes in Bitcoin and its power to shape how we transact in the future that I really have to encourage them to earn even decimal parts of bitcoin or to what they can afford to buy.


    In very beginning when I was still starting to know about Bitcoin, no one asked me about it, and until 2016 no one asked me about the Bitcoin, however I already told many friends about Bitcoin and what it is all about and said that I am a trader of Bitcoin. And I thought I shouldn’t have told them since I looked stupid whenever I talked about it.
    But now for about one week about 100 my Facebook friends are asking me about this and asking me that how to make earnings .
    That was really a proud moment for me to explain all the friends about Bitcoin but sometimes I feel that I am fully tired that I am telling the same thing to everyone again and again but still they don’t understand at all .
    Well here my family don’t know about this and also still not interested to know about BTC.


    People who asked me stuff about bitcoin are the one who find bitcoin interesting so explaining things to them is much easier compared to explaining to disinterested people. The main question people usually asks me about is what is the system of bitcoin, and how it really works (especially the blockchain and mining part). As a user of bitcoin for a while now, I have educated myself with the help of forums and blogs where I can speculate and read topics all about bitcoin and fill in my curiosities. So if people are about to ask you questions about Bitcoin, I think the best thing to do is to introduce to them to Google search and blogs like the post by FrustratedBillionaire here where they educate themselves and provide info on how to easily understand Bitcoin.


    To be honest it’s all over the news. I’ve read article today about how Laszlo payed 10K bitcoins for 2 orders pizza and how much its value would actually be right now, and everyone in my company is talking about it. My family is talking about bitcoins, everyone is talking about bitcoins.
    It is just interesting because whenever i tried to explain to people what bitcoin is (if i recall 2 years ago) they all laughed and told me it’s one big lie and that i should not take it serious. No one is laughing now. Before I looked stupid to them. No they are the ones who look stupid to me.


    Seriously! Just this morning my neighbor came over to ask me about bitcoin and if I have bitcoins of my own…He never actually seemed interested before, but I guess he seen something great about bitcoin on the news the past few days which stated that bitcoin was now already worth $2500. I think that did it! He asked me questions after questions and I still hadn’t finished my coffee…I think he’s out there in his laptop right now trying to get himself some bitcoin! LMFAO


    This is an honest account of what people think about Bitcoin in my campus now. Every time I open up my Bitcoin Wallet App some of my classmates would notice it and say “Hey are you using Bitcoins?” and then a follow up “Can You teach me how to use it?” This is a drastic change compared to the cluelessness that they have on this topic last year. This year I think Bitcoin got more popular as they immediately know what Bitcoin is and that its prices have been skyrocketing, the only problem is that they still don’t know how to use it. This is a major step to having more popularity in this world.

    johnny o

    Most people around me are stuck in their own beliefs about money, government and the banking system. 99% of the time it’s pointless for me to describe what is going on about Bitcoin and all that, but a few friends have come around to start learning about Bitcoin on their own, thanks to Google and the internet.

    I am proud of my buddy because he is investing in it as well now. Most other people might just talk about it or hear about it in passing, so yep it is definitely getting more attention which it greatly deserves. Realistically, it is only the curious that will take on it.

    Overall, it is going to take some time to revolutionize the regular person’s ideas and beliefs about money and bitcoin, but I think it will be all worth it.


    Ever since I used my bitcoin to buy an item online, my friends became suddenly interested as to how and where did I get my bitcoins from. Then I said, I always talked to you about bitcoin but you guys never considered it. Haha! After that, they then asked me series of questions all concerning about how can they get their hands on Bitcoin. It’s funny how people ignore small things but when it suddenly becomes something worthwhile they also suddenly have a big interest on it.


    For the past week, about five of my friends and classmates have been asking me stuff about bitcoin. How do I transact with it, what is it really and how much they can earn from it. They are also eager to earn bitcoin because I am the one telling them that I earn bitcoins online. They want to know the process and I am really excited to teach them and help spread the bitcoin in my community.


    Currently I have no one asking me about anything Bitcoin related. Whenever they get to peep into my screen and see something related to bitcoin, they say “oh so you too are involved in bitcoin” and that’s it! That’s all they would say, no further questions asked about how it works or even how to go about it, and I think its actually related to the fact that most of the people around me cannot take risks and thinking I am engaging in something illegal in which they are not ready to be part of.


    Noone has ever been asking me anything that has to do with Bitcoin, and to be honest I prefer for it to be this way. I know some people that I talk about Bitcoin with but for the most part, noone really cares and most are apathetic to what’s going on around them.
    If people did start asking me, chances are I would just get pissed off and I would end up not giving a damn whether or not something happens with them and Bitcoin at all.

    Our faith in cryptocurrencies has been justified.


    My mother got to know about Bitcoin recently through Facebook, and she asked me about it if I knew it. I of course said yes, and explained the works to her.

    I created one wallet for her. Sadly, I failed to send her first coins as the network fee was too high and it took days to process and we had given up.

    It was presented to her by social media as a form of making money, as an investment, and the like.

    That is how Bitcoin is being presented to common, non technically savvy people. Now she seems not to care about it anymore.

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