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First off, thanks for your interest in becoming a guest blogger and a valued contributor for the community.

ABOUT THE BLOG covers extremely helpful and insightful topics from personal finance & businesses to travel experiences. The tagline “Money + Travel = Awesomeness!” says it all. The writing style in this blog is on a personal level, sharing breathtaking insider travel experiences and layman insights on financial products and businesses, whilst at the same time being witty and creative in discussing more serious and technical stuff.


A human having plenty of life experiences to share and has a voice – a bold and interesting one. You are from anywhere, and have a compelling story to share. We need thinkers who want to reach out and inspire people.


Let us share to you our collective purpose in this guest blogger and contributor program: to be extremely helpful to one another by sharing personal experiences and very useful tips on topics relating to travel and businesses & personal finance. Our goal in this blog is to create a community of guest bloggers that will contribute and share valuable and inspiring experiences to our readers. As a Guest Blogger, you will be able to showcase your talent & expertise, reach out to and inspire a new audience base, and give something back to the community. This is your chance to build a brand for yourself by contributing. How awesome is that?

WHO YOU REACH has a steady flow of readers from all over the world, currently averaging at around half a million views per year. Around 65 percent are savvy travelers and business minded people from the Philippines. The rest come from all corners of the globe – 15% come from the United States and the Americas, 15% from Europe and Asia Pacific region including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and China, and another 5% for the rest of the world – including Africa and the Middle East.


  • Check out some of the posts in this blog to gain an understanding of what kinds of post get published here, and the kind of articles that readers engage with the most.
  • Quality content – have a genuine interest to contribute to the community and your article will likely be a value adding post. Well thought of, in-depth look at an interesting topic is highly encouraged. No half-baked articles please. Quality is a major consideration in reviewing posts. Contribute articles that are easy to read and have a unique style, refreshing insight, and original content.
  • Images – show the reader what you are talking about. While it is good to tell your piece, an image or two would be more engaging to the reader. Original photos preferred. If you need to borrow from some other person / site, please properly attribute the images. All images should be properly credited and attributed. No stolen images please. Max height & width in pixels: 1500px.
  • Write about topics that you feel could be covered in the ABOUT THE BLOG section above. Some absorbing topics would include:
    – How you pushed yourself/your business to success, and the lessons you’ve learned you wish you already knew when you first started. Doesn’t need to be you, you can write a story about a certain inspiring investor/traveller as well.
    – First hand experiences on investments and how you think it made your net worth (positive or negative) what it is today.
    – Compelling and Inspiring stories (e.g. the life of an intrepid traveler, the success story of an ordinary worker, etc.).
    – Helpful and very useful how to’s/tips on traveling the world while making a living, ‘insider information’ on how to get to an exclusive restaurant/attraction would be especially beneficial to our readers.
    – Other interesting topics you think would be captivating and will be appreciated by the FrustratedBillionaire community. In choosing your topic, ask yourself these questions: What topic hasn’t been discussed before that will bring value to our readers? If this has been discussed before, is this new topic challenging the old system? Will the article be so useful that readers will save the article for later use?
    – If you would like to submit topics not related to travel and personal finance, businesses & investments, but you think would make for a useful and exciting article, feel free to shoot me an email at so we can discuss.


  • Since we prefer in-depth look at interesting topics, listicles will most likely be auto-declined. Trust us, the internet has had enough of these listicles.
  • Submit plagiarized/copied posts. Please respect copyrights and the work of others.
  • Poor formatting that needs a lot of re-work.
  • Half-baked articles.
  • Articles with spammy/affiliate links. We will only accept outgoing links if it will be very beneficial to our readers.
  • Blog posts that are intended to self-promote, or promote other products/clients

Before submitting your masterpiece, a few reminders:

  • Here is a sample guest blog post to give you an idea of what kinds of guest posts get accepted and also how your guest post would look like.
  • Remember that there’s no limit on how many articles you’d like to share with the FrustratedBillionaire community.
  • If you submit a compelling piece, chances are that there would be lots of readers commenting on your topics. Feel free to comment back and answer any related query. It allows you to be more helpful and get more exposure.
  • Please don’t be offended if we suggest, or make any minor changes/edits to your guest post. This is for consistency of formatting across the site.
  • Byline/headshot information – This is your time to shine! In order to properly give you credit for the article you’ve written, at the end of your article please include up to 25 words of your bio and at most 2 links to your website/social media account. Please know that we may edit bylines and remove links that are manipulative, and do not comply with the above guidelines.
  • Copyright: This should be made clear. By submitting a post, you give the copyright ownership of the post. This helps to deal with any DMCA/publishing related issues.
  • The article cannot be published anywhere else. This protects from duplicate content issues.
  • Average review time is just a few days. Maximum is a week. You’ll be notified via the e-mail if your work is published. If your article is refused, we will make every effort to give feedback and invite you to re-submit. However, if time would not allow, please consider your submission refused if no reply to you has been made after seven days.
  • Note that to protect and preserve the quality of our blog, we reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason.


You made it this far – if you agree to the above guidelines, go ahead and submit and showcase your masterpiece using below form. Our readers are waiting!

P.S. We’ve received tons of emails asking if we’re still accepting guest posts. The answer is YES! Submit your pitch already! :)

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