10 of the Most Absurdly Hilarious Altcoins in Circulation

We all know of Bitcoins and how it challenges the traditional fiat money space – and yes, the great BTC is considerably successful at it.

And with all the success of Bitcoin comes in a number of new alternative cryptocurrencies, or Altcoins, that are also hoping to follow Bitcoin’s success as a major internet currency that everyone becomes aware of (and hopefully use).

A handful of those new altcoins are created by legitimate developers with an innovative purpose and desire to disrupt, but along with those few comes more altcoins that are vying to get more attention by having catchy names and questionable purposes that they’ve become too hilarious to take seriously. But let’s not get too complacent here cause come of these funny altcoins have already managed to build a loyal fanbase.

The list of altcoins (and some hilarious spawns) is getting longer with each day, so today let’s take a look at the rather absurdly, hilariously weird altcoins that are worth taking the double look at. Wait, what?

Coinye (COYE/KOI)

Just by looking at it or hearing it, you know there’s already something Kanye-ish in it. Despite a cease and desist letter by Kanye’s legal team, the altcoin was still released in 2014, albeit with a few changes to shy away from it’s Kanye-ness. The surname “West” was dropped from its original name, and Mr. West’s famous head was replaced with a South Park cartoon Kanye fish.

Although the creators of Coinye had nothing to do with or had nothing in reference to Kanye West, we all know with just one look that this definitely has something in common with Kanye.

Mr. West’s legal team then sued the altcoin into ruin six short months after its release. Ouch! But with all these setbacks, Coinye stands strong – it’s still trading on some exchanges, going by the ticker “COYE/KOI".

Wankcoin (WKC)

This is one of the most absurd altcoins out there, for an even more absurd purpose. Now this altcoin sounds like it’s been made for use by pervert wankers on the internet. Turns out, it’s name really stands by its purpose. Having a slogan of “Bank while you Wank”, Wankcoin was created for porn addicts to buy and trade NSFW porn anonymously in the world wide web.

And we could just all hope mining Bitcoin is easy as mining Wankcoin – apparently, you can mine Wankcoins just by watching online porn, and the more you “wank”, the more Wankcoins you mine, of course.

As it says on its website, Money and Porn, what could be better?

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Created as a spoof altcoin in 2013 by a developer named Billy Markus, this meme of an altcoin quickly became popular among netizens and this sparked the meme-based altcoin trend, with several other cryptocurrencies trying to piggyback off its rapid rise to success.

On the face of the Dogecoin is a dog named Doge, a Japanese Shiba Inu dog with a meme-worthy stare. Its cuteness only made it even more popular that its massive online fanbase have created perfect use for this altcoin, such as using it for online tipping of helpful Redditors and also for fundraising activities, on top of using it for purchase in online crypto shops.

The introduction of Dogecoin made it the first cryptocurrency that’s based on a funny internet meme that only further increased the popularity of the meme itself.

Corgicoin (CORG)

Another doggie-inspired coin is Corgicoin, and if you’re thinking that the corgi-loving Queen of England summoned the creation of this cryptocurrency, well, you’re wrong. It was instead its developers’ love for corgis that made this Dogecoin code based altcoin possible.

Although this altcoin is cute but questionable, Corgicoin managed to stay strong and afloat despite the fact that other “pet-friendly” cryptocoins have quickly collapsed and dwindled down into nothingness. Also, Corgicoin’s development team still support and update the Corgicoin website and make improvements on its software, and it only shows their dedication to the success of this altcoin.

Nyancoin (NYAN)

The never-ending battle for supremacy between cats and dogs is real. If there are cryptocoins based on cute dogs, you can definitely be sure that there will be coins based on cats – and this is where Nyancoin comes in.

Launched in January 2014, it has since gained a massive online following – thanks to its reference to a hugely popular viral video of a cute 8-bit animated cat with a Poptart body that goes by the name Nyan Cat, flying through space leaving a rainbow trail behind it. Since it was first uploaded on Youtube in 2011, it now has received more than a hundred million views. This alone helped in Nyancoin’s success from the very beginning – I mean, no one can avoid this cuteness, right? It also has its own sub-reddit if that doesn’t prove that enough.

Aside from its cuteness, Nyancoin was also released as “the first officially licensed cryptocurrency in history" (in fact, it is just a GPL licensed cryptocurrency). Anyone can get started with Nyancoin simply by downloading the software from its website.

Pizzacoin (PIZZA)

Ever thought of using a cryptocoin to pay for your meals at a restaurant? Well, this is what the Pizzacoin developers had in mind when creating this. Thinking of food lovers out there, they wanted to have some sort of an alternative payment method to buy pizza and everything else at cafes and restaurants.

But, can’t you use Bitcoins to pay for pizzas already, as previously done when a man paid BTC 10,000 for two Papa John’s pizzas?

Pizzacoin is still growing its user base, but it’s come a long way compared to its cousin called Tacocoin (TCO), which has already retired and vanished into non-existence.

Potatocoin (SPUDS)

Potatocoin may sound ridiculously funny and weird, but its developers have a very noble purpose behind its creation.

Its developers picked potatoes for one thing: the humble potatoes are considered as staple food in the area where the cryptocoin will be used. The main idea behind Potatocoin is for it to be used by farmers in Africa and to help reduce the farmers’ dependency on regular fiat currency, which greatly helps farmers out and conveniences them in their transactions.

On top of that, the pre-mined Potatocoins go to an African Trust, and also directly to the farmers. A latin inscription adorns the Potatocoin and translates to “Potato is light, potato is life, potato is love." Weird and funny as it may be, but the idea behind the Potatocoin is awe-inspiring.

Putincoin (PUTIN)

Launched just in June 2016, the developers of Putincoin mentioned that they have created it just for the fun of it, and not for profit (maybe aside from the fact that they love Russian President Vladimir Putin that much that they have dedicated a new cryptocurrency just for him).

As stated in its announcement page, “We provide this digital decision as a tribute to the most famous person on the earth, to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

Hmmm, can’t help but to feel the next one on this list will be VERY relevant to Putincoin.

Trumpcoin (TRUMP)

Yep, it goes without saying. After all, can’t have PUTINcoin without TRUMPcoin, right?

Just five months after the launch of Putincoin, Trumpcoin immediately followed suit in Novermber 2016 with the slogan “Make Crypto Great Again”. Quite an interesting slogan, eh?

And no doubt it has immediately attracted a following, thanks to Donald Trump who was making big news running for American Presidency at the time of the cryptocoin’s launch. Aside from its political mission to secure Trump’s presidency, its other objective is for it to be used to raise money for election campaigns.

Watcoin (WAT)

Just by looking at the unassuming Wat lady, we can say that Watcoin is probably the most absurdly hilarious altcoin in this list.

One of the many meme-based altcoins spawned by the success of meme-based Dogecoin, Watcoin is definitely one of the most unique and unusual altcoins out there given its funny coin image.

Much thanks to its hilarious “Wat” image, it’s easy to remember and it makes it easy to catch the attention of altcoin seekers. The development team of altcoin also has previously expressed the intention to find the Wat lady in the image just to gift her with a batch of the cryptocoin.

So there you go – the list of the weirdest and funniest Bitcoin alternatives we can find on the internet. If you have loose change in one of your nooks and crannies, why not consider getting your own funny altcoin? Who knows, you could be laughing your way to the bank in the future.

If you know one altcoin that might have tickled you a bit, let us know in the comments below.