How This Simple 15-Day Old Website Got Approved for Adsense

It’s no question that getting your website approved for Google Adsense’s program that lets you monetize your website is TOUGH.

As I’ve mentioned in my blog posts on the 5 effective ways to make money from blogging and also my (Adsense alternative) review, even this blog you’re looking at had a long and arduous time figuring out how to get that much coveted Google Adsense approval.

It might be that once Google declines your application, it’ll be tougher to be approved in the future. And I must admit, after making sure this site adheres to their standards and after applying several times only to get a vague rejection letter (WTF, right?), there was a time where I did try hard to forget about it and just move on and find other more realistic and sustainable means to earn money from ads.

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But unexpectedly, we got Adsense approved through another website I was trying to come up with

As I was at it again trying to figure things out just to get this blog Adsense approved, I was also working on another website that I’ve long been wanting to create.

It’s a web app. Well, sort of.

It’s more of an experiment actually – I wanted to create a one-pager web app website and see how I can make things work – it’s called Conversion-Rates(dot)com. Basically it’s a currency converter website that people would go to (I hope) each time they needed a forex calculator maybe during, oh I don’t know, one of their travels perhaps. Simple as that.

It doesn’t have much content, either.

It’s a one pager (for now). It’s as simple as it gets.

It might be a stupid idea, it might be not. The thing is, right after completing this mini project of mine, I decided to try to apply for Google Adsense using this new website.

Of course I wasn’t expecting anything due to Google’s tough guidelines, but it worked! I got my approval letter after just about two weeks.

how to get adsense approved in a few days


And when you get approved for one website you own, that means you can already place Adsense codes on any of your websites (this and some other!) as long as they adhere to Adsense policies.

Wait, what? H-how could that be possible?

Well, I think it’s because I basically built a simple and clean website from scratch, and then followed factored in all the in-your-face guidelines before applying for Adsense. Below are the things I was particular about so I made sure I did these:

  1. Secured a relevant domain for this new website and had it self-hosted through a hosting partner, meaning I am serious about this business.
  2. Created a clean website from scratch – starting clean from scratch allows you to easily cross-check and ensure that you are submitting an Adsense policy compliant website. Coming from experience, I personally think it’s really easier to submit a brand new website than a year-old website as there’s less clutter, meaning less pain points when cross-checked by Google.
  3. This is not required by Adsense, but just to be sure, I got it an SSL Certificate – this switches the address from http to https and encrypts data coming to and from a website, thereby making the website more secure and more trusted by users and search engines.
  4. Created a Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, About Us, and Contact Us page – these necessary pages says that you are a real person or business and that you can be contacted by your readers.
  5. I basically just made sure that I create another quality website that gives attention to the user experience, like this one you’re reading on right this moment.

As you can see, the new website I’ve just created is barely a month old and it doesn’t really have much content either, but I must have done something right to get it Adsense approved. Or maybe they’re also relaxing their approval procedure? I don’t know. But I’m glad it worked.

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Whew! At last I got Adsense approved…

Finally! After too much rejection, I am now able to serve Adsense ads on this blog.

Of course I am glad I’m finally able to earn from Adsense, but I don’t want to get too comfortable – it doesn’t stop there. Knowing how Google is known for permanently banning Adsense accounts with no explanation or leeway whatsoever, I know I needed to find ways to create a much more sustainable income source than this.

For now, bottom’s up to getting Adsense approved!

Stay awesome,


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