Having Trouble Accessing the SSS Website? Here’s a Simple Trick

The SSS website has been quite a pain to access in the recent months. Lots of voiced out concerns in the internet about how it’s impossible to access it, however it seems that there is really no available solution in the internet as well.

Until now.

See, everybody in the Philippines need to access the Social Security System (SSS) website every now and then (especially when switching jobs), and it can really get quite frustrating if you’re running out of precious time to get all your pre-employment requirements together, and then this:

SSS Internet Explorer Error

Message: For optimal viewing and functionality, the SSS Website requires Internet Explorer (IE) version 11

And more frustratingly, once you get past that issue, this:

SSS 403 Error

Error: The website declined to show this webpage (HTTP 403)

So how do you fix this issues?

  1. For the first screenshot above, the advisory pretty much says it all. Use Internet Explorer version 11. If you don’t have it yet, you can download via Microsoft.
  2. For the second error screenshot, it might look complicated, but really, the simple solution to the issue is this: go to www.sss.gov.ph instead of sss.gov.ph

Cool, eh? If only they took a bit of effort to let us know. Now we won’t go on and complain about how it’s very inconvenient for them to require us to use IE, and more so why we still have to deal with the www/no www issue, or the fact that they didn’t even bother letting us know the simple solution to issue 2.

At least we now know, right?