Google Just Made Yesterday Obsolete Again With Their Sleek New Log-in Design

Is this a fake phishing log-in page? If you have signed in just today and was able to do the same yesterday, chances are that you have double checked if you are logging-in to the legit Google sign-in page.

For many of us who are unaware, Google has been reminding us on the same page for a month now that this day of change will come. And the thing is, technically, there hasn’t been much of a change actually. It’s just the new sleek design, and also Google mentioned on their blog that this new UX design is mainly about:

  • Having a cleaner, simpler look.
  • Making the sign-in process faster.
  • Making it consistent across computers, phones, and tablets.

We tinkered around this new design today, and it is suffice to say that the load time is much more quicker, and the page is so clean and void of unnecessary clutter. Also our eyes are loving the suave interface, especially the animations involved when tinkering around the page (try it yourself).

But the point here is not about the already faultless functionality. It is the ever changing UX design experience.

Google's sleek new login UX design

Google’s sleek new login UX design

Judging by the sleek new UX design, it’s so much more than that. They just upped the ante one more time in this already rapidly changing ecosystem known as the internet.

Now others will follow suit. And who would’ve thought there could still be any further improvement to yesterday’s log-in design? For now I can’t think of anything else that Google can improve on its login page, but I’m pretty much sure sooner or later, that they will be introducing just another groundbreaking log-in page design that’ll leave us UX fanatics in awe.

Funny how a simple change in the user experience design of a simple log-in page could make total sense and much beauty in it.

This leaves another lesson for entrepreneurs/startup leaders out there: we have to be nimble and adapt our businesses quickly to such changes. The seamless log-in experience is a must in our small websites too, y’know.