Transiting via Seoul? Watch a Free K-Pop Concert During Stopover

As we’ve mentioned in our previous posts, you can join free transit tours whenever you’re transiting through Seoul Incheon (ICN) International Airport visa-free, whichever airline it may be. When flying with Asiana Airlines and you have a layover in Seoul ICN, you can also get a free hotel stay by Asiana Airlines during your stopover. Aside from these touristy benefits for those who are transferring via Seoul’s ICN airport to a third destination country, ICN has also made airport stopovers a pleasant experience you’ll definitely look forward to.

Just this year, Seoul ICN is upping their “cool stopover” ante one more time. Just by transiting through Seoul ICN airport during one of your international flights, you’ll be able to enjoy a free K-POP concert called “Music Bank” during your stopover – and as ICN had suggested, “Music Bank” is KBS Korea’s most famous live K-POP TV show.

Join Korea’s most famous live K-POP TV show “Music Bank” every Friday at 5PM

Who can get a concert ticket?

  • You need to travel to a destination country, transferring through Incheon International Airport (ICN)
  • You have to be 15 years old and above to join this tour
  • Korean Visa is required if you are a citizen from non-visa exempt countries

How to get your concert ticket

  • Apply for your ticket through Seoul ICN’s online booking portal
  • Go to the “Transit Tour Main Desk” at Incheon Int’l Airport (1st floor of the arrival area – you’ll immediately notice it) and pick up your ticket after ID check
  • Go to “KBS IBC Hall” and enjoy the live K-POP TV show! The admission starts at 4PM. Note that the tour guide is not available to accompany guests to the hall

You can find more information at their website or you may call ICN Transit Desk at their contact number +82-(0)32-741-3139, 3140.