Best Spots to Get the Best Views of the Golden Gate Bridge

“Where the hell can I get the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge?” I bet this will be your question when you visit San Francisco for the first time. The view is abundant, and you can see it from almost everywhere when in the city. But when time and money isn’t on your side, it’s quite frustrating not knowing where it’s best to go to for that memorable and breathtaking photo of this iconic bridge.

There’s a lot going on in this wonderful city and obviously there’s a lot that need to be ticked off from your bucket list. But one thing is for sure – you have to have a mandatory photo of you taken with the Golden Gate Bridge behind you, or you didn’t go to San Francisco at all. And I mean it – you must have that photo by all means!

Even if it’s foggy or even if there are other tourists behind you, go ahead at it and see the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge!
Best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Having friends and family living in the bay area, it’s an understatement to say that I saw the Golden Gate Bridge countless times already. I mean, I visit the golden lady each time I’m in the city. And no matter how many times I’ve done it before, and no matter how routine it is for me, it is always, ALWAYS, a jaw-dropping experience seeing this bridge standing tall and majestic.

I’ve seen the bridge from many different views and angles, which is why I’m listing down the best places to go to for the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope this helps in your planning – you can thank me later.

These are the Best Spots to Get the Best Views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Through the Golden Gate Bridge itself

Yes, let’s always start with the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter what kind of view you’re striving for, you should go through the bridge by default.

You’ll always have the best views of the bridge when walking through it, of course. You’ll never go wrong when you pass along its 1.7-mile stretch, looking at its towering pillars that make your jaws drop in awe.

There is so much history and stories to see too when walking through the bridge. Its infamous ‘International Orange’ color you’ll get to see and feel up-close, as well as the ropes and cables still being used ‘til today. Sadly this is also where this iconic bridge’s attraction of suicidal ‘jumpers’ is more apparent, given the suicide prevention hotlines installed at different points along the pathway.Best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Best views of the Golden Gate BridgeSee how small these cars are compared to the towering bridge?Best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center / Fort Point

Now this place is impossible to miss, since you’ll definitely pass through this place before you even take a walk along the bridge from the bridge’s southern point (a.k.a from downtown SF). Nothing else screams “Welcome to San Francisco" than the sweeping view from this place.Best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Battery Spencer

You’ve mostly seen the bridge taken through this vantage point in post cards and travel magazines – and this place is where it all gets real. Taken from the tip of a hill on the northern end of the bridge, this is where you get to see a picture perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge backed by a panoramic view of San Francisco’s financial and historic district. This can’t get any better than this.

How to get there: Just cross the bridge towards Sausalito and make your way up the hill to Battery SpencerBest views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Baker Beach and Marshall Beach

Now this is one of my favorites. If you want to take a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge from a different scene, try taking it from the beach. The waves smashing against the rocks lining the beach add to the scenery, making for a great background for that ‘emo’ shot.

Tip: Just so you know, these are nude beaches so don’t be surprised to find a couple of nudies joining you in your shot.Best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

These rocks complement the Golden Gate Bridge so wellBest views of the Golden Gate Bridge

This may look like a painting, but I took this from my phone when I came back on a bright, sunny day
Best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

While driving back to San Francisco from Marin County

Now this you have to take a photo of while on a moving vehicle as this view is taken from the highway going back to San Francisco. The giant bridge seems to swallow the hills whole from this angle, giving it a stunning twist. If your car has a sunroof, just stand up there – taking a photo with it should be Instagram-worthy.Best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Wish list: Take a photo from the top of the Golden Gate Bridge

For now, only maintenance workers, news media and celebrities doing movies or music videos (like the one below) can go up to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. But due to the budget constraints, bridge officials admit that they need to make more money and are already considering letting people in, bringing in more money for the bridge. Now this may not be free, but I would gladly pay if I had the chance.

But the thing is, they’ve been considering this since 2009 and no word has been said ‘til now.

Best views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Wish list: go to the top of GGB! via giphy

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