Travel Bloggers Say Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Ever since the Philippine Department of Tourism’s campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines" was launched back in 2012, it went insanely viral which helped promote the beautiful islands and the vibrant cities, and no doubt this campaign was a clear winner that most Filipinos would be proud of.

The slogan is easily relatable especially to locals, and it also showed images that are truly Filipino, so it wasn’t really that hard to mention the slogan when bragging about their Philippine travels on social media.

Even foreigners delved into the rave, with visitors agreeing without a doubt that it is indeed ‘more fun in the Philippines’, so I asked fellow travel bloggers to share their experiences and on why they think it is more fun in the islands. These are what they have to say.

Travel Blogger Carolin Pilligrath with happy kids in the Philippines

Carolin Pilligrath, travel blogger from Germany and founder of

I have recently travelled the Philippines for a month and while I was hesitant in the first place, I found it absolutely incredible and fell totally for the beauty of the nature and its’ people. It was my first time to the Philippines actually and I wasn’t sure what to expect!

What I liked most about my stay in the Philippines was the friendliness of locals, the incredible warmness and that I was simply welcome everywhere!

Travel Blogger Carolin Pilligrath in Batad Rice Terraces, the PhilippinesI went on the craziest bus ride from Manila to Banaue in the North and met some very adventurous travellers on the way. The day I visited the Batad rice terraces will be with me for a long time. Sitting on a rooftop of a Jeepney driving along windy roads, passing waving locals until we reached out destination. I couldn’t take my eyes off the incredible lush green terraces and the hike to the waterfall was one of the most challenging, rewarding and fun things I have ever done!

Travel Blogger Carolin Pilligrath in Bohol, the PhilippinesNext stop was El Nido, which is possibly one of the prettiest places I have visited on this planet. With water so clear, I was jumping off the boat, snorkelling around the colourful fish and coral, it’s simply so untouched! If this wasn’t enough yet, swimming with the turtles near Bohol definitely topped my experience in the Philippines off. I have never swum so close to turtles with simply no other tourists and boats around. Mind-blowing!


Travel Bloggers Karolina and Patryk in the Philippines

Karolina and Patryk from Poland, travel bloggers of their cool named-after-themselves blog,

We’ve been visiting Philippines last year. It was experience of a lifetime!

A Filipino guy that we met in the hostel in Singapore told us about the most beautiful place in the world – El Nido. We decided go there. After short flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa and more than 7 hours in a local bus, we arrived to the place that seemed to be unreal. It looked like a fairy tale! Peaceful sea with huge limestone cliffs, hotels situated right on the beach are something we will never forget.

Travel Bloggers Karolina and Patryk in the Philippines

Travel Bloggers Karolina and Patryk in the PhilippinesIt was the first time in our lives, when we experienced island hopping. We’ve spent the entire day visiting beautiful places in El Nido, snorkelling and relaxing on the beach. In the evening, we have been eating delicious Filipino food. Refreshing Halo-Halo dessert was out of this world! So… what did we like the most about Philippines? Everything! Amazing, unspoilt nature, friendly people and tasty food are something we will never forget.

Travel Blogger Couple Laura and Tanbay in the Philippines

Travel Blogger Couple Laura and Tanbay of

We have been to the Philippines earlier this year and had an amazing time. The beaches were stunning and we were surprised at how empty the beaches were. We spent our anniversary at a hotel in Manila, and they gave us a personalized cake to help us celebrate. No other hotel that we worked with has ever done this for us (we didn’t ask them to do this for us).

Travel Blogger Tanbay in the Philippines

Travel Blogger Laura in the PhilippinesHere’s our unique experience: Filipino people are the nicest, kindest and happiest people we have seen so far. Considering this is a third world country, this doesn’t make sense at first. However, there is a thesis called ‘the Paradox of Choice’ that basically states that less is more and this makes people happy. In other words, because there are only very few choices for Filipinos, they are actually a lot happier than many people in developed countries.


Travel Blogger Nina Ragusa in the Philippines

Nina Ragusa of

I absolutely LOVE the Philippines. I’m actually returning real soon! :)

I loved every moment of my stay, but perhaps the best part was how warm and friendly the Filipino people are.

They are very hospitable. There was even a local woman who invited us to her home after conversing with her for just two seconds, and helped us out in finding transportation to our next stop.

Travel Blogger Nina Ragusa in the PhilippinesEven the people at the airport were so nice to me despite having to nearly deport me! I didn’t have an flight out of the country which is usually not a big deal in my experince, but I got caught without one and they wanted to send me back to Kuala Lumpur, where I departed from! I remained calm and spoke to them and they were on my side trying to help me. While we were waiting for the head of immigration to allow me to stay in the country, the people in the office were giving me tips and telling me the best places to stay. They could have just thrown me in the holding room and left me or just sent me back without hearing me out, but they wanted to help me stay despite me breaking the rules! (PS lesson learned. Make sue you have an outbound flight!)

Travel Blogger Nina Ragusa in the PhilippinesPeople in the Philippines are really talkative and they speak English pretty well, which is awesome considering many of the surrounding countries are difficult to get around because of the language barrier.

Because they speak the language and are so nice, it’s SO much easier to get information and directions. Yay! Everyone is willing to help. This was the easiest country to get around in terms of getting good directions and proper answers in English when asking questions. And of course, it’s always great to be surrounded by nice people!

Filipino Pride

Of course, I wouldn’t want to end this article without my own take on why it is more fun here in the Philippines – hey, I’m a travel blogger too! So here goes my piece…

Filipino traditions and cultureDiverse traditions and culture – The 7,107 handsome islands of the Philippines have diverse traditions and different local cultures and dialects. From the northern tip of the nation to the southernmost part, definitely you won’t get easily bored exploring all the festivals and cultural marvel each island has to offer.

Historical District - Intramuros, ManilaRich (and very old) history – As I’ve previously written on another blog post, Manila is older than New York City and has the world’s oldest Chinatown. The Philippines survived a number of colonization efforts by the Spanish, American, British, and the Japanese, which is also the reason why the Philippine culture and language is diverse.

The Philippines was one of the pioneers of early innovation in Asia, including having Asia’s first airline, the Philippine Airlines, and also Asia’s first airport.

Pinoy foodFilipino food – Filipino food maybe simple and straightforward (fried, grilled, stewed as is with little to no garnishings or finicky ingredients), but it’s downright homey and uncomplicated. Filipino food is best enjoyed with family and friends, and it’s best if you eat by hand along with a glass of ice cold Coca-cola or our famous…

San Miguel BeerSan Miguel Beer – this is the staple for most of our chill-out nights. Best served ice-cold, you can never go wrong ordering this beer. This genuinely Filipino product is exported all over the world, since it is loved by Foreigners and this is what they order when visiting the metro or the islands.

Philippine Islands

Pristine beaches, beautiful islands – This is perhaps what the Philippines is best known for. From Asia’s 24/7 party island that is Boracay to the jaw-dropping natural wonders of Palawan & Bohol and the international surfing spot that is Siargao, you can’t go wrong and I can guarantee that a month’s visit to the Philippines will never be enough.

Philippine Sea UrchinMarine Biodiversity – The Philippine islands sit inside the Coral Triangle, a vast part of the ocean where marine biodiversity thrives. Sometimes called as the “Nursery of the Seas”, it’s quite true to its sense – as per World Wildlife Fund, the Coral Triangle has more coral species and coral reef fish diversity than anywhere else in the world. Six of the world’s seven marine turtle species are found in the coral triangle, and the triangle is also frequented by the blue whale, the largest animal to ever live on earth. Are you ready for a dive, now? I think Bikini Bottom is in there somewhere.

Metro Manila Party ClubbingMetro Manila Party ClubbingThe party scene – In case you’re wondering, the Philippines is not all about islands and serene beaches. Though we also have island parties in Boracay and elsewhere, we also have bigger parties happening in the party capital and financial districts of Metro Manila.

Happy PinoyThat irresistible Pinoy smile – Aside from its famous beaches, the other thing the Philippines is known most about is its happy locals. Throw at us every unbearable experience you can imagine, and we’ll just laugh at it, or even much better, we’ll make fun out of it and joke about it (seriously!). There must be something in the Filipino spirit that makes us, well, adaptable in every tough situation. By default, we’re genetically happy.

Filipinos make fun out of the worst things, so you you can expect that we’re better when it comes to something real fun! Us Pinoys love to laugh our hearts out, and that’s what our foreign friends first notice when visiting here.

And oh, did I mention beautiful women as well? The Philippines dominated major international beauty pageants for the last five years. With numerous crowns for Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Earth, and countless Filipina women landing in the top spots, it only validates my previous statement.

There are so many other things that make it more fun, but obviously I cannot possibly list down each one of them in here, so let me just say that, without a doubt, it’s definitely more fun in the Philippines!

Stay awesome,


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