Event Wrap-up: COL’s Investing Summit Advocates Financial Literacy Among Filipinos

Well, that was fast! Three weeks ago I announced in a blog post about COL’s Smart Investing Summit to help spread the word to fellow Filipinos, and now here I am writing about the exciting and educationally fulfilling event after a press release by its organizers.

COL Financial (which is currently the Philippines’ largest online stock broker), in partnership with SM Investment Corporation, has just successfully concluded their nationwide financial literacy summit called SMart Investing – COL’s 2016 Wealth Building Summit for the Filipino Investor. The summit aimed to educate Filipinos so they can better understand how investing and the stock market works.

Thousands of eager participants from Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu, and Manila flocked to the event to learn from the free talks mediated by some of the financial industry leaders in the country.

It was COL Financial President and CEO Dino Bate who opened the summit with his inspiring welcoming remarks to all the participants, then followed by the presentation of COL Wealth Building Specialist, Jed Velarde, who highlighted smart and effective ways to invest in the stock market.

On his keynote presentation, COL Financial Chairman and Founder Edward Lee (who I ambush interviewed in another event here) shared the many different investment styles and their unique attributes, saying that, “to be a successful active trader in this market one must understand the rules and manage his risk properly to avoid any major set backs.

COL Founder Edward Lee all ready to inspire the crowd with his opening talk.

COL Founder Edward Lee all ready to inspire the crowd with his opening talk.

This is the main purpose of the event, to enable more Filipinos in managing their finances and allow them to know more about the possibilities of investing their money – and that it is actually possible to let your money do the working.

Makes sense to me – it is already given that there would be risks whenever we invest our hard-earned money, so it only makes sense to know more about the things we are investing on so we can properly manage the risks. It’s all about risk management, and the more we know, the lesser the risks are on our egg basket.

COL Fund Expert Marvin Fausto here talking about the principle of S.M.A.R.T.

COL Fund Expert Marvin Fausto here talking about the principle of S.M.A.R.T.

COL Fund Expert Marvin Fausto also pointed out in the event that the most important thing to remember in investing through mutual funds is to apply the principle of S.M.A.R.T. investing:

  • Stay Invested – after all, time is money, so staying invested allows you to grow your money over time
  • Manage Risk – continue to study and monitor your investments, so that risks of loss are minimized
  • Asset Allocation – steer your investment strategy by adjusting the percentage of each of your assets according to the your risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame
  • Regular Investing – regularly top up (add funds) to your existing investments, or create new ones so that your portfolio grows over time
  • Target Reviews – review your initial objectives and goals to find out how you’re doing with your investments

Given this, ask yourself: do you think you’re S.M.A.R.T. when it comes to your investments? If not, try to re-think and re-visit your investment strategy.

via Giphy

via Giphy

The summit moreover convened representatives from the top fund houses in the Philippines for an informative and exciting panel discussion: Phillip Hagedorn, Managing Director for Equities of ATR Asset Management; Augusto Cosio, President of First Metro Asset Management; Carol Tinio, Vice President and Head of Partnership of Philam Asset Management; Wilson Sy, President of PhilEquity Management; Valerie Pama, Director and President of Sun Life Management; and Ruben Espiritu, President and Director of BPI Investment Management Inc, as well as a panel discussion with investment experts and representatives from SM Investments, BDO, and SM Prime, which was followed by a Q&A session.

Fund House Representatives during the exclusive Q&A session with event attendees.

Fund House Representatives during the exclusive Q&A session with event attendees.

The afternoon session was then spearheaded by COL Head of Research April Lee Tan and COL Chief Technical Analyst Juan Barredo, who discussed COL Financial’s mid-year market briefing.

It is COL Financial that continues to make investing even more convenient, with the recent addition of the COL Fund Source, the first and only fund supermarket in the country. Through the COL Fund Source, us Filipinos can now invest in 26 pre-selected mutual funds from the top six mutual fund houses in the country using a single online platform. “COL has revolutionized the investment landscape by being the only independent source of funds online that will provide our customers a smart solution in making confident investment decisions,” says Marvin Fausto.

Through events such as the SMart Investing Summit, and through new products such as the COL Fund Source, COL Financial remains committed to financial literacy and to helping its clients build their wealth and achieve financial independence.

For those who are unable to attend the event, COL Financial regularly conducts free seminars for those who wish to learn more about investing. Visit their website here for their calendar of seminars.

I’d like to say kudos and thanks to COL Financial for their continuous effort in educating fellow Filipinos and for making us realize that, the amount of our income does not dictate our ability to invest and start early on – and there are convenient ways to do so.



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