How to Pick a Profitable Niche & Make a Living Out of Blogging

As per Google search, a ‘niche’ is a specialized but profitable corner of the market. In the world of blogging, it means that your writing has to focus on something that incrementally makes you an expert on that topic and makes you the go to blog for such topic. It doesn’t end there – your blog’s focus must also be profitable.

It only makes sense.

I mean, who would want to write on such topic that generates zero return? Unless you’re writing solely for passion and personal (non-profit) reasons, choosing a particular niche before starting helps you plan out on what you should write about and how you would eventually earn from it, giving you a sense of direction for your blog, among many other things.

Starting your own blog from zero experience can be an intimidating and tricky task, especially if you do not know what to write about in the first place.

In fact, choosing the niche for your blog is the hardest part and is usually the major roadblock that restricts you from creating your blog already.


In my opinion, I think the two most important things when choosing your niche are:

  1. Passion – You must really have interest on the topic so you can comfortably (and continuously) write about it.
  2. Income opportunities – the niche you choose should also be able to let you earn a sustainable income so you can live your life as well as pay for the overhead costs of blogging (hosting, domain, etc.)

It should be a mix of the two. To better say it, the two must be present when choosing your niche.

Don’t choose a topic just because it’s the kind that earns the most. Why? Because you have to stick up to it in the long run.

Good luck running a blog topic you don’t have any passion on whatsoever and having to write about it every week (the boredom will suck you dry and eventually you’ll choose to abandon your blog).

The lesson is, you have to create a blog around a niche that you are genuinely passionate about.

If you have that kind of blog, every working day will seem like a brand new exciting project for you.

Also it will reflect on your writing as well. Your writing will definitely engage and inspire readers if you’re writing about something you’re really interested in.

You will not be able to inspire and help your readers out if your writing shows that you’re definitely bored with what you’re doing and you’re just doing it for something else.

Trust me, it’ll show in your writing.

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Some might say that competition must be added to the formula, wherein you need to choose a niche that has lesser competition, or worse, no one bothers writing about just to avoid the competition. I beg to disagree.

What if the thing you’re most passionate about has a lot of crowded competition? Ehem, travel, money, fashion, and tech bloggers.

Do not avoid competition, because competition is a great thing. If you pick a niche where you’ll have lots of competition from other bloggers, it only means that your niche is something bankable and it is a niche that many readers care about.

Instead, try to set yourself apart from competition. Ask yourself, “How can I better the competition?”, or “How can I present my blog in a unique perspective?”

Having competition can be really tough to get your message to your desired readers, especially when you’re just starting out.

Having competition can even turn out to be positive. This is because you can learn from other bloggers in your niche, and you can also network with them.

It is also easier to keep track of how you’re doing as a blogger when you have an established industry standard (thanks to lots of competitors in the same niche) to compare your blog against.

When you have competition, it only makes your blogging journey more exciting.

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If you are the master of your kitchen or a hungry food adventurer, then this niche could be for you. Foodie blogs like Erwan Heussaff’s The Fat Kid Inside can vary from cooking shows and culinary tips to food tasting adventures at your local scene.

Home cooking products and ingredients spend a lot on advertisement and sponsorships, and could also do the same for you if your online cooking show/documentary is a hit.

If you are a local foodie who tries out the newest food craze or the best eats in the city, your blog could be the go-to choice for new bars and restaurants looking to market and promote their brand.


When buying the latest gadget, tech consumers prefer to go online for product reviews and suggestions before deciding which brand to buy.

It only makes sense, because gadgets like smartphones and computers are expensive and of course we want to make sure we are getting the best value for our money.

Tech bloggers review product specs and produce product comparisons across multiple brands. They also write about the latest news in the industry – take Abe Olandres’ as a good example of a successful tech blog.

If you are able to influence the buying decision of your reader by of course creating an un-biased and genuine review that’s aimed at helping the reader out, then that’s where the money will come in.


In case you didn’t know, founders of L’oreal, Zara, H&M, Uniqlo, and many other clothing and cosmetic brands are some of the richest billionaires in the world.

This only means that there must be something really lucrative about this business. It’s no-nonsense, since it’s normal for normal people to want to look stunning.

And these normal people are the ones who frequent the internet as well. Cue in the fashion and beauty bloggers who do what they do best: to try all these products and look good in the process and make good money from it as well.

If you choose this niche, basically just be yourself so people can relate to you, and become your own reality star. People will then follow whatever product it is that you prefer, since (assuming) they love your craft. If you need an inspiration, take it from fashion blogger Camille Co.


If you are someone who is passionate in your travels, then this may well be your pick. Lots of blogs include travel in their topics, because almost everyone loves to travel and talk about their experiences when on the road (or on a plane). Take this blog you’re reading on or Trisha Velarmino’s blog as a great example.

No blog niche list would be complete without the travel niche. If I’m not mistaken, almost anyone would want to travel for a living.

I’m sure you’re already rolling your eyes whenever you see yet another post for the nth time titled “How this guy/girl quit his/her job and earns thousands a month while traveling the world”.

Why? Maybe because we’re jealous and also want to just do the same and just earn from our blog while drinking beer/sipping vodka while relaxing by the beach.

Or maybe we roll our eyes because we’re sure it’s just another clickbait and we know that it’s really not that easy to quit our jobs and just travel the world and laugh our way to the bank. But it is possible. However, it depends.

We all love to travel every once in a while. Try to write about your rare travel engagements that readers will find really engaging and fun to read – this is also how most travel bloggers started out.

People who are frustrated about something tend to want to see what the experience is like through the words of someone who’s already done it. If your words, photos, and videos are enough to leave your viewers wanting for more of your experiences, then you already have their attention.


With the advent of the internet, there are now plenty of money making opportunities to make money both online and offline, through investments or through physical businesses.

Add to that the middle class who are hungry to learn more on how to handle their finances better, and you’ve got a wide audience wanting to know more about your experiences and how you did this and that.

Throw in a few more valuable tips and tricks that make the reader think: “makes sense” and “why didn’t I think of that sooner”, and you have yourself an engaged follower who values what you have to say on a topic s/he cares about the most.

A good one would be this blog you’re looking at (of course) or Fitz Villafuerte’s.


Nothing beats fulfilling your enthusiasm out of your hobby and being able to earn substantial income from it at the same time.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast, blog fanatic, toy collector, or an animal lover, you can easily write about your hobby since you’re passionate about it in the first place. One perfect example is of this is

Another good thing is that since you will be talking about a very specific topic (your hobby), the traffic your blog will attract will be highly targeted.


You can earn income online through sponsored posts (companies pay you to write an un-biased review of their product), affiliate links (you get a commission for every sale earned through your blog), ad placement on your website, and sponsored social media posts.

Another way for you to make money online would be to sell your own e-books (e.g. how to be me, etc.). You can also provide consulting services and help clients on whatever talent or skill that you have.

As your blog becomes more popular, you can also make money offline through guest appearances and speaking engagements.

Earning through blogging is tricky and you’ll have to continuously try different income methods before you can actually earn a substantial amount that you can call an “income”, so you have to understand that you may not be able to make money early on (I’ve discussed this in greater detail on my article about the effective ways to earn income through blogging and also about my blog’s journey to earning its first $100).

It would also help to set your expectations first and find out if blogging is really for you through my list of blogging pros and cons.


Always remember this: the types of blog niches that earn the most are the ones that help solve a problem and at the same time fun and appealing to read. If you have managed to get your readers’ attention, following, and engagement on your website, that’s when your earnings start to rake in.

If you look at the kinds of blogs mentioned above, these all give out FREE and VALUABLE information so the readers won’t have to do the dirty work themselves.

You can earn a great deal from the niches mentioned above. And yes, the competition could be real tough as well for the most profitable niches, so make sure you have something special to offer.

Remember that these are only some of the most common blog niches and knowing these shouldn’t limit you from being creative and trying out that one blog topic that you really want to write about.

If you’re having a hard time choosing, try to think out of the box and see beyond the common types of blog that you choose to create. Who knows, the next non-niche blog you create might be the next big thing.

Remember that there is no right or wrong path, because every blogger (including me) is unique and our masterpieces are distinct so we have to continuously try and test what works for us and eliminate what doesn’t.

For now, you can choose to just write whatever it is that you want to write about (this is how I started out as well).

As time goes by, let the natural flow direct your blog depending on what your readers care about and also what you really care about (you learn more about your blogging style along the way). So start blogging already!

Stay awesome,


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