How do you get your resume to actually be noticed by Google?

We all know that Google is one of the best places to work for. Aside from its unusually cool benefits and perks like free gourmet food, if you want to be a founder of your own startup someday and actually own your own company, Google is the first company one would think of joining and gain big-ticket experience from.

Before we start on our secret plan to take over the world, how do we get past the first step, which is to get your resume out there in the faces of Google reps and get their precious time and attention? Whatever our qualifications are or however great and valuable we may be at our current or previous company, that’s nothing if your resume don’t even reach their desks for some meticulous scrutiny. If you’re like me who would do anything – ANYTHING – to get their attention, there must be some way to do so, right? Yes there is, and I mean getting referrals from someone already working at Google.

Let’s go to Google careers website and check out one of their vacancies

Unsure if clicking that button will get you a call from Google? Most likely you’ll just get an automated e-mail.

Google Job Application

Are you really gonna strike them by clicking that button? You have to be the best of the best to get their attention only through that button.

Referrals from those who are already inside Google’s ecosystem will definitely boost your chances.  Below button does that for you – if you have connections, that is.

Google Job Application

Awesome! Having connections will definitely give your application that much needed boost.

So you don’t know anyone from Google. How do you get your resume to actually be noticed by their recruiters?

If you are like most of us who don’t personally know someone who works at Google, well, we have to get creative and get instant connections on our own. I did an experiment of my own – well, it’s more like I did it out of desperation and now I’m sharing these tips to you. And guess what? I got their attention!

The thing is, you must already have a genuine LinkedIn profile of your own with all the details and extended connections to make this work. It worked for me so it must work for you, too. Just apply common sense when dealing with people from LinkedIn and exercise caution, making sure you’re not asking too much personal questions. Anyway, here goes:

  1. Be your genuine self, search through tons of Googler profiles on LinkedIn and look for someone who looks approachable enough for you. Add that person up.
  2. When that person approves your invite (they usually do – if your profile looks harmless and friendly enough), send a short thank you letter for accepting the invite and a great, catchy PS note, like the one below. Using this method, you are not directly stating that they need to help you out and refer you, you are doing this just to keep the conversation going and who knows, the helpful Googler might already offer to refer you in his next reply.
    Google LinkedIn Referral

    A sincere and genuine note won’t hurt. This is where it all began.

  3. Do not be pushy and respect their privacy and personal space – This one’s very important. If there’s no reply to that, then don’t push it. Look for other Googlers who have the time to reply to your message. At least you have added another valuable connection in your network, right?
  4. Do not be spammy – Have some self respect bruh. The key here is, if your approach is sincere and truly genuine, then they’ll likely reply back and offer to genuinely help you out, like what happened to me.Google LinkedIn Referral
  5. If they actually do help you out and refer you to their company intranet (yes, they have a global employee referral portal which is separate from the publicly available careers website), then that’s great news! Expect to be contacted by Google within a week.
    Google Job Application

    THIS is pure excitement.

  6. Be ready for the verdict – The goal I’m discussing in this blog post is to get your application reviewed and replied to by an actual human Googler. I’m not discussing how to get hired, because it will still boil down to your education and work experience particulars. So be prepared to accept and respect whatever their decision will be. Below is their verdict on my application, which I received just after a couple of days from referral:Google Application Reply
  7. Be thankful, ask for feedback – send your Google recruiter a thank you note, and ask for feedback if possible so you can do better the next time. Take advantage of the fact that you already have the email address of a Google recruiter in your hands. In my case, I asked for feedback and the recruiter scheduled a call with me.
  8. Thank your referrer and move on with your life, keeping your new found Googler friend with you and keeping the lines open. Also, offer to help them back in any way you can. As for me, I’ve found a new friend, consultant, and business partner. We’ve been consulting with each other in our Technology Entrepreneurship initiatives for  a long time now and I’m sure my friend wouldn’t mind referring me again once I find a suitable role at Google.

So that’s it. If you are really keen on getting your resume noticed and reviewed by Google, or any other dream company of yours, then this may be a great option for you. This is because once an internal employee refers you, recruiters already tend to give more weight to your application just because of the referral. You can use this technique on other social networks, too. However this is best done through LinkedIn, which has the exact purpose of professional networking after all.

Good luck,

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