Get a Multiple Entry Visa to Korea with your BDO Card

First off, I didn’t even know that this kind of promotion is possible (kudos to that, BDO!). For those who are wanting to finally go for that dream trip to South Korea and do repeat visits multiple times in a year (or 5 years), this is your opportunity to increase your chances of getting a multiple Korean tourist visa by applying with BDO credit cards.


When you apply for a BDO or American Express Credit Card, you can get up to 5 years multiple entry tourist visa to Korea (South, ok).


The offer is valid for credit card applications filed from 16 January to 31 December, 2016.


Offer is exclusive to active Gold and Elite principal and supplementary BDO cardholders and American Express Card members, who are entitled to a provision of multiple Visa entry for use in their travel to Korea based on below credit card types.

Promo is available for personal application directly with the embassy or through a travel agency. Qualified cardholders will also be exempt from submission of financial documents (Bank Certificate or ITR) upon submission of a copy of the recent monthly billing statement and present qualified BDO issued credit card.

Gold – 3 years
MasterCard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay, and American Express

Elite – 3 to 5 years
World Elite, Platinum & Titanium MasterCard, Platinum Visa Card, Platinum American Express Card, Elite & Standard Cathay Pacific Card, Diamond Union Pay, and American Express Charge Cards

Note that as per their website, BDO does not guarantee the issuance of any visa (will still be at the sole discretion of the Korean Embassy). Seems contradicting, eh? Even if you apply for a visa without “that” card, visa issuance is also not guaranteed. So why the promo, BDO? LOL.

Anyway, I believe having the card will still increase your chances of getting a multiple entry visa. For those who already have their own credit cards and wouldn’t want to apply for an additional credit card, but would still want a multiple visa, try these tried and tested tips:

  1. If you already have a valid Japanese visa (single or multiple entry) and a completed trip to Japan, your chances of receiving a multiple entry visa increases ten-fold. Having current visas to the US, UK, and Schengen countries will also increase your chances, but that Japanese visa of yours will be most helpful in your application.
  2. Of course, having sufficient funds in your bank account will always be an asset. Some have been approved having only 50K in their accounts, but I think 100k in your account will highly show your ability to have an enjoyable 7-day trip in Korea and go back home safe and sound. I mean, you should show that you’d still have money left in your account after your vacation, right? Also, make sure that your funds have been in your account for at least 3 months to show that you really own the funds.



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