Metro Manila Stuns in this Foreign-Made Vlog

For us who have called Metro Manila our home for most of our lives, I think we will all agree (hey, comment below if you beg to differ aight) when I say that we’ve already had enough of the chaotic Manila and that we definitely needed a breather and push for a better metro.

Pushing our government and society for a change (for a better and cleaner looking metro, that is) takes lots of money, effort, and time. But what if all we needed was to look from a different perspective, and then maybe, everything will turn out to be, well, a great place to live in after all.

Thanks to YouTube vlogger Georg Frank for creating below 11-minute, mind-blowingly and painstakingly well-crafted video which only proves that however disorderly one feels about his city, it will always be an awe-inspiring destination in the eyes of a foreigner.

P.S. Who knew Intramuros, Makati Central Business District, and Tagaytay looked that stunning from up in the air? Just makes me want to live and work in Metro Manila all the more.



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