How to Apply for a Barangay Clearance for your Business

The next step after registering your business name with the DTI is to register your business and get a clearance from the Barangay, the smallest and most basic political unit in the country which has the direct contact with each member of the community.

You have to register with the Barangay hall or the office of the Barangay where your business is located. The clearance you get from the Barangay is a requirement when you apply for the next step, which is the Business Permit (sometimes called Mayor’s Permit). Applying for a Barangay clearance is quick and easy given that you already have the requirements on hand. Below are the fast, quick, and easy steps to get a Brgy. clearance for your business.


  • Business Name Registration from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for single proprietors, or, if you’re applying for a corporation or a partnership, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership.
  • Copy of the Contract of Lease if you’re renting, or a copy of your Land Title and Tax Declaration if you own the business location.


  • Go to the Barangay Hall which has the jurisdiction over your location of business. Secure and fill out an application form for the request of Barangay clearance.
  • Submit your completed application together with the requirements listed above.
  • Your application will be evaluated and the applicable fees will be assessed.
  • Pay for the applicable fees at the cashier.
  • Wait for the advise of the Barangay officer on when you may claim your clearance. In most instances, your clearance can be released within the same day.

Now that you have your business name registration and barangay clearance, the next step in ‘legalizing’ your business is to proceed to the city hall and apply for your Business Permit / Mayor’s Permit. Click here for the complete list of basic government requirements when starting your own business to serve as your ‘uncomplicated’ guide.

***Above requirements and steps subject to continuous revision and update by your local Barangay government. You may call or visit your nearest Barangay Hall to check for updates.

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