What Happens During Lunch with the Family that Built SM?

What happens during Tuesday lunches of the Sy family just leaves a lot to our imagination. If given a chance I’d choose to be a fly on a wall having a surreal experience and use all of the information I get to my advantage. Haha just kidding!

In below video, CNBC’s Managing Asia host Christine Tan talks to Teresita Sy-Coson, the Vice-Chairperson of SM Investments Corporation. Since her Father, Henry Sy, Sr, the founder of SM Prime Holdings and the country’s richest man is already 89 years old and rarely attends board meetings, Tessie has been mostly in charge in leading the direction of the SM group. She’s the eldest among the Sy siblings, and each of them look up to her for advice. Tessie and her five siblings get together every Tuesday for lunch to plot the group’s direction. What do they talk about?

Christine: Do you guys get along?

Tessie: Yes we do. yes.

Christine: Honestly?

Tessie: Honestly.

Christine: In terms of the discussions that you do every Tuesday, how heated do they get? What do you guys argue about?

Tessie: I guess we’re very civilized. We don’t really get – it’s not that heated, and it’s only when we do have disagreements, then that’s the time that things are…"

Christine: Does it happen often?

Tessie: Not often, but, just like any family dinner, There are times that, you know, things are quiet and there are times that the conversations become excitable.

Get to know the Sy family members and the responsibilities of each, and also take a listen at what happens during their Tuesday family lunches in below video.



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