How does Billionaire Richard Branson Respond to his Office Emails?

How do you reply to your work related emails like a billionaire boss? You can ask Sir Richard Branson about that.

Richard, who is the founder of Virgin Group (comprising more than 400 companies), runs his Virgin empire from his poolside office in Necker Island, which he also happens to own. He has been holding office in this island in the Caribbean for years now, and he’s not going away from this island anytime soon.

How does he respond to his office emails, you ask? Meet Helen Clarke and Jo South, his two lovely (and lucky) personal assistants. Every morning Richard meets up with them by the poolside office on the island to help him with his emails.

“I’m still old-fashioned. I dictate 90 percent of them (e-mails), so it’s great that they know everything that’s going on, so that i know what’s going on – otherwise I wouldn’t know what the hell’s going on.” says Mr. Branson.

Ahh, I wish I could have two lovely personal assistants to help me respond to my emails, too. See more on the clip below.



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