Avoid Annual Fees with these Credit Cards

Stop making the stresses of outrageous annual fee payment an ‘annual’ event. Yeah you can always request your bank to waive your annual fee (their decision outcome varies, you may have to call and make a follow up a few times and they may even require you to make big ticket purchases before they honor your request) and even threat them to cut your card if they don’t give in to your request, but why go through the hassles when there are cards that promise to never charge you annual fee for life?

I’ve written about the things that are never worth your money and unnecessary annual fees are definitely on my list. I’ve only paid for this pointless fee once, and that was the time when I was too young and ignorant. If you’re keen on acquiring a credit card of your own and need help identifying credit cards with no annual fee for life, below list is for you:

  1. BPI E-Credit – Annual fee for the principal card holder up to the 6th supplementary card all free for life.
  2. Metrobank M Free MasterCard – Perpetually waived annual fee, as it says on its website.
  3. PSBank Credit MasterCard – One simple card that takes care of your needs and helps you manage your expenses, and annual fee’s waived for life, too.
  4. PNB – The Travel Club Platinum MasterCard – Aside from the waived annual fee for life, get rebates and discounts when making purchases at The Travel Club branches.

If your bank of choice (e.g. BDO, Citibank, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Chinabank, all of which regularly advertises promotions of the same nature but for a limited time) is not on the list, give them a call and ask if you could apply for one with the same arrangement. If you do not have an account with them yet and they have an on-going promotion, then most likely they will offer you the same scheme. As for me, my credit card is Citibank PremiereMiles – they do not have the same ‘permanent’ offer on their website but I was in SM Megamall when I chanced upon their booth that offers the same scheme for first time applicants (that’s me-sign me in!).

Nevertheless (with annual fee or without), another way you can compare Philippine credit card features, perks, and annual fees is through GoBear’s online tool. This way you can easily identify the card that’s right for you.

A caveat though, as with most (if not all) credit cards, interests and penalties are some of the ways credit card companies generate income. Above list of credit cards promote a ‘no annual fee for life’ plan on their websites, but keep in mind that penalties and interests may still be charged if one does not manage his/her credit card account religiously (read my article here on the 10 Golden Rules of a responsible credit card holder, and also click here for my blog post on the 7 Deadly Sins of a credit card holder). Be a responsible credit card holder to ultimately enjoy the benefits of a ‘no annual fee’ credit card!

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