The Beautiful Pinay Professionals of LinkedIn

Beauty and brains. That’s all I can say about these gorgeous, sophisticated, graceful, elegant, and smart Pinays whose public profiles I’ve found on the professional networking site LinkedIn.

I recently played around with my account I’ve chosen my list of fine and refined professional Filipinas based on the following considerations:

  1. Must have clear head shots
  2. Profiles must state that they are located in the Philippines
  3. Must not be personally known by me

This may sound stalker-ish, but my purpose in this post is to showcase the beauty of the Philippine working/professional women. For the women whose profiles I’ve listed below, feel free to contact me if you wish your profile to be taken down – I’ll respectfully oblige.

The following list is ordered alphabetically and not based on appearance, experience, or intelligence:

  1. Alexis MacabagdalAlexis Macabagdal LinkedIn Account
  2. Beatrice LagdameoBeatrice Lagdameo LinkedIn Profile
  3. Beatrice LozanoBeatrice Lozano LinkedIn Profile
  4. Bianca GreyBianca Grey LinkedIn Profile
  5. Elise VelosoElise Veloso LinkedIn Profile
  6. Erika ReyesErika Reyes LinkedIn Profile
  7. Hershey Ann BismarkHershey Ann Bismark LinkedIn Profile
  8. Ira del RosarioIra del Rosario LinkedIn Profile
  9. Janina ManipolJanina Manipol LinkedIn Profile
  10. Jean TamondongJean Tamondong LinkedIn Profile
  11. Leanne CastilloLeanne Castillo LinkedIn Profile
  12. Natalia ‘Corky’ GarciaNatalia Corky Garcia LinkedIn Profile
  13. Samantha SarinasSamantha Sarinas LinkedIn Profile
  14. Zen Hernandez – I especially like her as I swoon over her each time I see her on TV Patrol.Zen Hernandez LinkedIn Profile