What are Things that are Never Worth Your Money?

The world we live in is so saturated with unnecessary things that are surprisingly marketable or “mabenta”, when in reality we could go on our lives without them and save our pockets from such needless, and sometimes absurd, purchases. Have a look at some of these and find out if you are guilty of such irrelevant buys! They may be a fad for now, but I’m sure, they’ll pass.

Useless cellphone accessories such as underwear for your phone, and a handphone for your handphone. Can’t stress that enough.

Cellphone underwear. Really?

Cellphone underwear. Really? Source: InnovationonEarth.com

Handsets for your handsets! Paulit ulit? Redundant much? Maybe these are sold in Market Market! Source: www.popsugar.com

Handsets for your handsets! Paulit ulit? Redundant much? Maybe these are sold in Market! Market! Source: www.popsugar.com

In-app purchases. You’ll always get over it and delete the app eventually anyway.

Online slimming pills. Do you really still believe they’re effective? Unless they’re approved by BFAD/FDA, honey don’t fall for those false promises! These may even cost you your life as stated in one report.

Not buying it.

Not buying it.

Your daily Starbucks fix. Not to mention it’s expensive. Assuming you’re not doing this for your own social media account’s sake (I know my readers are much more better than that), sparing yourself from that PHP120 Cafe Americano can save you PHP2400 per month which can instead go to your electricity bill. I myself still survive on free coffee served daily in our office.

Credit Card annual fees. OK, this is not a purchase but a fee imposed upon you, but you could easily avoid such fees just by making a call to your friendly customer service representative. Just ask if they can waive the annual fee, and they’ll give you options on how you could avoid paying for the fee, such as making a specific purchase, using your card more often, etc. They may even waive your fee without any additional purchases or actions needed from you. You just have to ask.

You could also negotiate a ‘No annual fee for life’ when you initially apply for a credit card. I did that with my Citibank card (they proposed the same to me when I was in a mall in Ortigas; I didn’t have a card with them yet at that time). Remember, they want your business so better ask for this arrangement (instead of free luggage, free popcorn, or free movie) especially if you don’t have any cards with them yet.

I’ve created a list of credit cards that offer a ‘no annual fee for life’ arrangement in my blog post here.

Sky-high airline upgrade fees. Unless you’re on a free upgrade, your airline will still honor its promise on why you’re flying with them anyway. To get you from point A to B. Yeah you want a luxurious flight, but that extra $1,000 can go a long way somewhere else, like your hotel at your destination. If you’re doing this to accumulate miles, then you’re doing yourself no favor, since miles depreciate value over time (special shout out to you, Delta airlines!).

International Call Cards. With the advent of the internet, one can already connect free of charge with friends and loved ones through Skype, Viber, Line, Whatsapp, or any other free unlimited online call or messaging service. One just needs a reliable internet connection and a smartphone or desktop/laptop computer.

Before the free mobile apps: my card of choice whenever I visit abroad. Yikes, I feel so old!

Before the free mobile apps: my card of choice whenever I visit abroad. Yikes, I feel so old!

Upgrading your smartphone every year. What difference does it make to upgrade from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5 to Samsung Galaxy S6? You’re just stressing yourself out from transferring old contents and setting your phone up because it’s like moving to a new home each year. Wait at least two years before upgrading. Jeez!

Gambling in casinos. Yeah there are these stories of people who won. But how many times have you actually seen a lucky person win the jackpot whenever you are at the casinos?

Yosi / Cigarettes. Along with any other bad vices, you’ll be able to save a lot for your pocket and save yourself from outrageous medical bills. I admit, I’m guilty of this! Argh!

Extended warranties. The chances of you actually using an extended warranty are so slim, and if you ever do so, you’ll be surprised that they don’t cover whatever your issue is.

Expensive college textbooks. You can just buy a second hand book from the previous batch. And again, with the advent of the internet…

Restaurant steaks. One, it is never cheap. Two, you’ll always be disappointed by the lack of flavor and tenderness.



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