What is a World Passport?

The World Passport is a document issued by the World Service Authority, a Washington, D.C. based organization founded by Garry Davis in 1954, citing Article 13, Section 2, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I was just wondering, can you really use a World Passport to assert your ‘right’ to travel regardless of your nationality on below basis?

Article 13, Section 2, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.

2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

I remember writing an article about my rants whenever my travel requires a visa. When I initially learned about this I was delighted at first that this kind of passport actually exists. I wanted to get one for my own use to travel to Europe and other countries visa (hassle) free. Although it may be a bright idea to have one when traveling, I think there is a slim chance of actually being able to use a World Passport to cross a major border. To date, there are only a small number proofs that other people who have successfully passed through borders using a World Passport.

How do you get one?

Applying for a World Passport is not free (although in some cases, it is given for free to popular political figures and refugees). The process involves filling out an application form that is available on their website, and sending out your passport fee payment ($45-$100, depending on the length of validity, ranging from 3 to 8 years).

World Passport

A sample cover of a World Passport.

You will then receive a 30 page Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD*) with alphanumeric code line, scanned-in passport photo and “ghost” security paper with embedded logo, the data page laminated, in 7 languages:

English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Esperanto.

Each passport is numbered and each page contains the World Citizen logo as background. Two pages are reserved for affiliate identifications: diplomatic corps, organizations, firms, etc. There are nineteen visa pages. In the inside back cover, there is space for home address, next of kin, doctor, employer, driving license no. and national passport/identity number. The cover is blue with gold lettering.

How do you use it?

Just use it as you would any other passport. Actually, treat it as your ‘second’ passport, as you are still a national of your country, hence, no need to renounce your current citizenship.

It is all grey area

The only question is, will nations accept your World Passport upon entry? Most countries, including the United States, do not allow entry of World Passport holders to their borders.

However, the World Service Authority (the administrator of the World Passport) claims that you can use it for entry to other nations as there have been cases where in World Passport holders have legitimately gained entry as evidenced by a stamp. The claims may be true to some extent, however, you only can count the number of successful outdated entries by hand.

World Passport USA Philippine Entry

Above copies show successful entries of a World Passport holder to the Philppines in 2008 and USA in 2007.

Only a few nations, namely Togo, Mauritania, Ecuador, Zambia, Tanzania, Burkina Faso have accepted the World Passport on juridical basis.

Is it worth it?

While it is interesting and exciting at first to know that such a passport exists, like investment rackets, too-good-to-be-true services like this one may not be the best option if you wish to travel.

You are not prevented from trying (you may even be successful at it), however it is best not to try to avoid the hassle of being questioned at port of entries when using a non-recognized passport.

If your main purpose is just to travel seamlessly, going through the bureaucratic but guaranteed process of obtaining real and valid travel documents, unfortunately, is still the best way to go.



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