How Powerful is the Philippines?

With China looming in our rich and diverse waters in the disputed region of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea and threatening our sovereignty in our own territory which may ultimately wage war, it is time for us to assess and ask ourselves the following questions: how powerful is the Philippines, really? And oh, can it defend itself against China? Check out below video and share your thoughts.

How powerful is the Philippines, really?

  1. Geographically powerful position both economically and militarily – no shared land borders, defensive edge against attacks.
  2. At the center of trade routes between large nations, e.g. China, Japan, and Australia.
  3. Huge population, but with only 220,000 active personnel.
  4. 40th in military ranking in the world.

Can the Philippines defend itself against china?

While China has 2 million active soldiers and is 2nd in highest military expenditure in the world, the lagging Philippines’ secret weapon is the United States. In 2014, the Philippines and the US signed an enhanced defense cooperation agreement, which means, in case China decides to attack the Philippines, the US will step in. This makes the Philippines moderately powerful and somewhat able to defend itself against China.

Though the Philippines lags behind when it comes to military force, it is its ally, the United States, which make it somewhat powerful and able to oppose China. However in my opinion, the Philippines should develop and upgrade its own military force instead of relying on the military power of its foreign allies.



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