How I Got Myself Covered with Travel Insurance for my Trip to Japan

I had this recent discussion with a foreign friend of mine on our travels and how fun it was to travel alone, until he mentioned that he suffered a minor stroke when he was on a solo vacation in Singapore two years ago. He did not have any travel insurance. Healthcare in Singapore is extremely expensive. His entire savings account was zeroed out, he had to shamefully ask his parents for help. If only he had purchased an insurance to cover for his entire trip, he wouldn’t have had any financial issue whatsoever.

In the midst of our discussion I suddenly remembered one email sent to me by Citibank regarding Travel Master, letting me know that I can get a travel insurance at a much lesser amount for my future trip to Japan.

When I reviewed the policy, I thought it was very straightforward unlike other insurance policies wherein you have to read too many fine prints that most of the times leave you clueless. Plus, the insurance is provided by Malayan Insurance, which gave me more confidence to make a purchase.

For the premium, it all starts at Php275 for local coverage, Php300 for asian coverage, and Php385 for global coverage. All these are for 4 days travel and the amount adds up as the number of days covered increases. Cheap, eh? For the the table of premium depending on the number of days of your travel, and for the detailed breakdown of the coverage and benefits, click here.

The thing is, it is exclusive only to those who are Citibank card holders, and this may me the reason this travel insurance is cheap. If you are not a Citibank card holder, you can ask someone you know to make the purchase for you. If you have a credit card with another company, you can ask them as well as they may also be providing a similar package to its customers.

Right after I paid online, they immediately sent me a PDF copy of my policy by email which I can print and show to authorities whenever I need to. What gave me peace of mind for my upcoming travel was the summary of coverage and benefits. Looking at my policy, I became more excited about my upcoming trip to japan, meaning I can enjoy my travels without worrying about damaging others’ or my properties and I’ll also be more adventurous when it comes to trying out new stuff especially food. Of course I don’t plan on damaging someone else’s property or getting food poisoned, it just feels good that you are covered and you can then be more adventurous in your travels.

I received my 2-page policy immediately by email after I paid using my credit card online. Convenient, eh?

I received my 2-page policy immediately by email after I paid using my credit card online. Convenient, eh?

I remember when I went to Las Vegas June of last year and I lost USD$1,000 right out of my wallet after a night of partying too hard (that’s another story that deserves another article). If only I thought of getting myself an insurance, I would’ve been able to file for a claim. With travel insurance this cheap and comprehensive, I’m sure I wouldn’t go on another vacation without a travel insurance.

I’m happy to learn as well that this policy is Schengen approved, meaning I can use the policy in my future Schengen visa application – at least I know now that I can get one at a less expensive price (Schengen visa application requires that you provide a policy that covers you for the duration of your trip to Schengen countries).

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