5 Things We Can Thank a Corrupt Police Official For (If they only did these)

In the Metro, stories about corrupt traffic enforcers (locally known as kurakot or kotong cops) are just a normal part of everyday conversations in the office water station. We wouldn’t even be shocked if we hear those stories, as it already seems normal to us. Even if we weren’t shocked, I’m sure that all of us feel irritated whenever we hear these stories, almost like the situation is hopeless and will never change for the better.

To make things worse, these hungry for yosi (cigarette) and meryenda (snacks) kotong cops sometimes victimize the innocent, stopping their cars and accusing them of different violations they clearly did not commit, only letting these innocent people go once money is discreetly handed over to the kotong cops. What if they just victimize those who actually violate rules? Wouldn’t it be kind of a ‘win-win’ situation anyway, at the least? As a pedestrian commuter, here are the top violators I would love the kotong cops to pursue (most of them are my personal pet peeves, too). Why don’t they, anyway?

The illegally parked jeepneys (leaving only the littlest space in between them), effectively blocking the crossing lane for pedestrians. Aaaarghh! My mornings are usually filled with trying to get through these illegally parked jeepneys. They shouldn’t be there in the first place! I once gave the finger to a jeepney driver who tried to ‘cut’ me while I was crossing, as if I was ‘stealing’ his ‘parking’ space. Duh?

The nasty smoke belchers – Yes, you already imagined it right. Oh, the horror me and my fellow commuters have to face each working day! Anyway, to avoid being stressed out on a daily basis, I just take a deep breathe and I just bring have my hanky over my nose whenever I walk to avoid inhaling those nasty fumes. Corrupt official, pursue them, and you’ll start feeling better at work. Why don’t you, anyway? Anyway, for us ordinary citizens, there’s now a way we can make extra money and at the same time protect the air we breather by means of a citizen’s arrest. HB 4932 gives authority to individuals to arrest driver or operator of smoke belching vehicles. He or she may bring the apprehended/arrested operator and vehicle to a nearby police station to be booked for violation of the Clean Air Act. HB 4932 also provides a financial reward of P10,000 to the arresting individual for every legitimate apprehension of smoke belching vehicle. Question is, how do we arrest the driver who is inside a moving, smoke-belching vehicle?

Seriously, why do they let them get away with it? Kotong cops, can't you just 'kotong-an' them, so at least they'd stop? Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/

Seriously, why do they let them get away with it? Kotong cops, can’t you just ‘kotong-an’ them, so at least they’d stop? Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/

The human smoke belchers – I am sometimes guilty of this. But yeah, we should be apprehended for this. Weren’t they very diligent in pursuing us just a few years back? Or did it just last as soon as the media frenzy on this lasted?

The Ped Xing (Pedestrian Crossing) lane hoggers – Seriously, will you get any nearer to your destination if you advance a few more meters, effectively blocking the Ped Xing lane, on a RED stop light? I mean, I have to take this picture in the driver’s face to show him that he is doing something really annoying that is worth taking a picture for.

Ahhh doesn't this make you mad? It makes me each waking morning!!!

Ahhh doesn’t this make you mad? It makes me each waking morning!!!

Damn, it's like playing a zigzag maze game

Damn, it’s like playing a zigzag maze game

Finally, those who walk really slow, sometimes in groups, and totally blocking the paths of those who are in a hurry, as if they were on a date at Luneta. Oh wait, this is not a violation, but I would appreciate if they pass a law against slow strollers. :)

What makes you that mad, crazy, and aggressive person you didn’t know you could be on your daily commute? Tell us about your experience, feel free to comment, share, and ask!