Business Opportunities for the Working Person

I’ve always been a business minded person during my college days, and one that I particularly enjoy doing is selling/reselling stuff. The income I get from it, I add to my savings account or to my gimmick money (hey, I was still young back then). hehe

From selling knock-off perfumes to selling discounted original perfumes, I was able to score some cash every now and then.

Now I am a working man and I spend most of my time sitting at my office desk. However, even if I am stuck at me desk, I always think of ideas to double my productivity whilst sitting at my desk. Here are a few suggestions if you want to do some selling on your own terms (like a boss!):

1. Sell original perfumes at a steeply discounted price – do you have office mates or friends? perhaps they are into original perfumes? If so, you can make it into a profitable mini business by selling hugely discounted perfumes. You can also sell testers (the one they use to test on you at the mall) for an additional Php500 – 1000 off. The difference is that the tester may come without its cap / may not have any design in its box.

I don’t know if the suppliers still remains a secret, but what the heck. You can source from outlets at Cash n’ Carry mall in Makati or at Hobbies of Asia in Pasay. You can then add in your own commission (just make sure your price is reasonable for you to be able to sell) to the initial price you bought it for and you can then start selling.

Below are the suppliers I know of. Listed also are their contact numbers so you can call them to find out how much they sell it for so you can decide immediately on how much you want to sell it for:

Outlet name: Anselka’s
Location: Cash n’ Carry Makati
Contact #: 856-5501 / 09286255610

Outlet name: Tia Loleng General Merchandise
Location: Cash n’ Carry Makati
Contact #: 856-5429 / 856-6983

Outlet name: Shopper’s Variety
Location: Cash n’ Carry Makati
Contact #: 856-5397 / 856-5398

Outlet name: Trading Post General Merchandise
Location: Cash n’ Carry Makati
Contact #: 856-1968

Outlet name: Adam and Criselda’s
Location: Cash n’ Carry Makati
Contact #: 403-7917 / 09499901496

Outlet name: Bescost
Location: Cash n’ Carry Makati
Contact #: 856-55-44

Outlet name: Golden Corner
Location: Cash n’ Carry Makati
Contact #: 551-6870 / 09255082234

Outlet name: Essences
Location: Cash n’ Carry Makati
Contact #: 473-1563 / 846-9917 / 09289989396

  1. Sell Whey Protein / Mass Protein Shakes / Vitamins / Chocolates / PX Goods at discount prices – same as above, you can also get these items and re-sell at your own (reasonable) price at the same stores listed above.

  2. Buy and Sell cars – grab a Buy N’ Sell Magazine and you’re good to go! You can buy a very cheap and rundown car, repair and upgrade that car, and you can then re-sell that car at your own price (given the fact that the price is reasonable enough for you to get a client).

  3. Be a part time Real Estate Agent – see those people at the mall handling out fliers to you? You can also sell those units without having to stay in that booth from 9AM-9PM. Just refer people from your network who are interested in buying properties and you have your instant commission!

If you have time to spare, why not test the waters and see if you are a born salesperson?