Paris on a Budget? Fly on a February

Cheap Fare Alert!

For those who wish to go to Paris but are discouraged by its steep price, don’t fret. You can get a round trip from Manila (MNL) to Paris (CDG) for just around PHP 30,000 (USD 700) all in. Note that this is not a promotion, I just noticed that there is this trend whenever I search for this route on this airline during my free time (like to search for cheap flights on my free time).

Tour Eiffel Paris-Eiffel Tower. Source: Chadi saad

Tour Eiffel Paris-Eiffel Tower. Source: Chadi saad

Visit Saudi Airlines to check out their Paris flights, looks like this airline currently offers the cheapest flights to Europe from Southeast Asia. Make sure to enter only February to March dates on your search criteria. Please note that price above is available at the time of posting. You know how airlines constantly switch their prices.

1. You can visit Paris cheaply on a February or March is because of its chilly winter season and the dark days (daylight time is short). Make sure you update your schedule if you wish to see Eiffel during daytime, bring also your cuddle coats.

  1. Plan ahead. If you need a Shengen visa, they accept applications 3 months before your intended departure (details may change, please check consular requirements of France to make sure you are looking at the updated information)

  2. Over the last few years, people are nicer, and food is cheaper in Paris. You can even find a burger nowadays in Paris. If you are on a budget, you may locate restaurants which serve burgers or cheap food using Google.

Hope you get to enjoy your dream French holiday soon!