How Fun is it Really in The Philippines???

Hey guys! Let me ask you this question – How fun is it really in the Philippines? Do we really experience fun in the Philippines? I know, some advertisements out there feature persons pleasantly and happily experiencing their products – but actual customers really do not feel anything at all. Does the Philippine Tourism Ad provide the same disappointing experience to its people and also to its customers?

I am kinda getting into the patriotic mood now. After watching multiple videos about the new Philippine Tourism ad in Youtube, I’m thinking the new Philippine Tourism Ad really means what it says. Check it out below.

Nice, no? After watching, I thought “Is there any proof that it really is more fun in the Philippines?”. Check out below Youtube video to find out about a tourist’s experience in the Philippines. Thanks to TheDpsmith by the way for uploading the video. High five, bro!

Need I say more? ;)

You may also check out this cool write up about the Palawan Underground River from blogger Lesley Carter.

Do you have a FUN experience here in the Philippines? First vote will be from me, hehe. Share your thoughts here. :)