Ready to be Rich Tip # 1: DO NOT let your Emotions Take Over

Hey Guys! Well I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. This tip applies to all of us – whether it be regarding a business deal, a work related concern, a fight with a colleague,  family and love issues, etc. – DO NOT let your Emotions Take Over.

If you are having hardship at some point in your life, try to SHAKE IT OFF dude! Forget your emotions and just go ahead and think logically.

As an example:

  •  you are having a hard time dealing with an office mate and you’ve decided to resign just so you won’t have to deal with that person anymore. Who won in this case? SHAKE IT OFF dude! Just go ahead and focus on what matters most – your job.
  • you decided not to continue with that small business you’ve been dreaming of just because the government is giving you a hard time in securing licenses and permits. Nagpaka ma-pride ka kung baga [You let your pride rule, so to speak] hehe. SHAKE IT OFF dude! Having tantrums will definitely ruin you! Just go ahead and DO NOT let that dream pass you by.

Can anyone relate? :P

I know that this is hard. I may even sound like a hypocrite to some of you, and I know for myself that this is easier said than done. But we all have to try, right? ;)

Stay Cool!

Feel free to share your thoughts. Leave a comment below!