Investing in BDO Equity Fund in Layman’s Term [Part II]

Hello brothers and sisters! hehe :P

Anyway, this is to serve as a continuation to my old article Investing in BDO Equity Fund in Layman’s Term . Please feel free to read through the article as I have posted some technical know-how in BDO Equity Fund Investment. You may also read relevant details through the BDO Site. The historical and current NAVPU may be obtained from or

Back to the story :P.

I have then decided to re-invest the money I withdrew from my initial BDO Equity fund investment, which was PHP 11,263.049, last March 5, 2012. The NAVPU at that time was PHP 292.97. Divide the capital [PHP 11,263.049] by its NAVPU [PHP 292.97] and you’ve got 38.44 units .

With 38.44 units in hand [worth was bought at PHP 292.97/unit], I’ll continue to watch how my investment is doing. As of its latest posting [June 18, 2012], the NAVPU is at 310. 81 [please see below image]. Yehey! The price is steadily growing! :D

Image captured from

As I have advised in my older article, below are my tips for you:

  • Always watch the growth/drop in the value of your units [NAVPU]. You may check or from time to time.
  • If the NAVPU goes down, be patient. Wait for it to grow until it is above the NAVPU you have purchased in order for you to earn from your investment.
  • The more you know, the lesser the risk; The lesser you know, the greater the risk. In case you have decided to invest, I suggest that you take time to know what you are going for- before jumping in, and also during the duration of your investment.

In addition to the above tips I have mentioned in my old article [which I have learned during my second take in investing – see, experience is a great teacher ;)]:

  • Proper timing is important. Buy units at a time when prices are low and sell units at a time when prices are right.
  • Re-invest your money. Make them work for you.
  • Remember that while you are investing, you are also risking. Take time to study what you are investing in.

So this will be it, guys. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my investment. Update: Click here to see part III For now, I’d like to forget that I have money invested in Equity Fund. I may just be surprised waking up one day only to realize that I have money invested years ago and find out that the value of my money has grown big time! =D

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Update (02/14/2015): I have published this article, “When Should You Invest in an Equity Fund?”, to address one of the most ‘in demand’ questions my viewers have. Enjoy and happy investing!

***Above explanation is for illustration purposes only. Please note that I do not endorse investing in these funds as this will now be based on you, the decision-maker, to determine if investing in these funds will be in your best interest. Please also read through the BDO site for more relevant and accurate information regarding its products and services.