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How to Quickly Visit San Francisco via Market Street

How To Quickly Visit San Francisco Via Market Street

From its southwestern end where the LGBT movement is more evident to the northern tip that looks out to the San Francisco bay, taking a walk down San Francisco’s Market Street tells a story about this beautiful city’s history, its local culture, and how it came to be.

Market Street is downtown San Francisco’s major thoroughfare. This is the main road that easily connects the city together. This is also where a lot of the happenings are. Continue reading

Best Views of the Golden Gate Bridge

Best Spots to Get the Best Views of the Golden Gate Bridge

“Where the hell can I get the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge?” I bet this will be your question when you visit San Francisco for the first time. The view is abundant, and you can see it from almost everywhere when in the city. But when time and money isn’t on your side, it’s quite frustrating not knowing where it’s best to go to for that memorable and breathtaking photo of this iconic bridge.

There’s a lot going on in this wonderful city and obviously there’s a lot that need to be ticked off from your bucket list. But one thing is for sure – you have to have a mandatory photo of you taken with the Golden Gate Bridge behind you, or you didn’t go to San Francisco at all. And I mean it – you must have that photo by all means! Continue reading


What To Do In Hawaii: Your Unassuming Guide to Oahu

“Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!”, the flight attendant greets us thrilled passengers over the PA system as we taxi after landing at Honolulu International Airport (HNL). For the FA, it was a routine. But for me, it was something else (more like everything).

It was my first time in Hawaii, a place that I could only dream of months before, and you could only imagine the excitement we had when my mom told us we were flying off to this breathtaking paradise for a wedding, and following that, a road trip around Oahu – the main, touristy island where the famed City of Honolulu and Waikiki beach are.

The wedding, well, it was hula-themed of course. I was more excited about dipping into the warm waters of Waikiki Beach and go on a road trip around the rest of the island, more than anything else.

Hawaii has a different vibe and culture of its own – it’s called the surf/aloha culture – very laid back and easy going, and non-locals (like me) tend to get absorbed into this kind of culture very easily.

The lush islands are strewn in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, and these green jagged mountains are actually the tips of underwater volcanoes, which make for Hawaii’s distinct and gorgeous landscape. If I have three words to describe this paradise, I’d say it’s majestic, magical, and awe-inspiring, and this was clearly evident during our road trip around Oahu. Continue reading

Experience Emirates at 40% Off with Citibank

Great news for who are planning to finally take that much awaited trip to Dubai, Europe, or USA – you’re in great timing as Citibank is currently offering up to 40% percent off of its Business class and Economy class fares. If you are planning on traveling from Manila, Cebu, or Clark to one of below cities from May 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, you are eligible to join the promo: Continue reading

I traveled to Niagara Falls, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania for P6000 $132

I Visited Niagara Falls, Washington DC, & Philly in 3 days for P6,000 ($132)

Last June I visited my mom who lives in the beautiful San Francisco bay area, and since I had lots of time to spare and lots of unused and constantly devaluing Delta miles, I decided to redeem my miles for a free round trip flight, pack up, and head to New York City and see the concrete jungle all by myself for 10 seriously adventure packed days (it was so much fun I was able to write about the 15 ways NYC will inspire you, a guide about celebrity spotting in NYC, and also on how to survive NYC without breaking the bank). I actually lost about 5 pounds in this trip due to my constant brisk walking hehe.

It was my first time in the east coast and, thinking I needed to maximize my 10 day tour and tick Niagara Falls and Washington DC off my bucket list, I called up my sis who previously went on a tour of these two incredible places (and other extra destinations) from NYC to know the details. Turned out, it was a really good deal so I had to get the contact details of the tour agency. I only realized I needed to take an extra tour of the east coast when I was already in New York so I had little time to prepare, it was really a good thing that i got myself a Cricket sim card with unlimited call and text plus 2GB of mobile data for only $45 (P2,000) for a month so I had the advantage of doing research and call people up when in New York. Continue reading

Trying Out San Francisco’s Pub Crawl Event

I logged in to Couchsurfing.com to find out about local events in San Francisco and found a recurring event below:

San Francisco Pub Crawl Invite Couchsurfing


Of course, I decided to join the event, which really got me excited as it is a good opportunity to meet new people, locals and travelers/backpackers alike, in San Francisco, an international city and tech hub. I asked a friend to tag along as I am not really that confident when I go alone and meet lots of new people for the first time, so having a buddy with me boosts my confidence big time. 😉

We went last 8th July, 2015. It was a chilly night. We arrived at the first pub named The NorthStar at around 9PM only to be greeted by a packed street parking. The area was very close to Italian restaurants and bars and The NorthStar doesn’t have its own private parking space, hence the reason for this, so be sure to arrive early to avoid the hassle.

First Stop: The North Star Bar & Cafe at 1560 Powell St, San Francisco, CA.
First Stop: The North Star Bar & Cafe at 1560 Powell St, San Francisco, CA.

Parking issue solved (after about 30 minutes), we headed straight to The NorthStar’s entrance where we were greeted by an old hippie man letting us know of that night’s pub crawl and rock-paper-scissors tournament. Continue reading

Seoul Incheon Airport (ICN) Stopover & Free Hotel Stay on an Asiana Flight

Last year, I went on a trip from Manila to San Francisco and back via Korean Air, a 4-star airline, just so I could take advantage of the free Seoul transit tour provided for by Seoul’s Incheon International Airport (ICN). I scored this trip when Korean Air had an online promotion – I purchased the ticket for USD $1,080. See my article regarding this here.

This year I went on the same route, this time via Asiana Air, a 5-star airline. I got the ticket for USD $897 – I didn’t know at first that the Asiana Air website has year round promo fares and I just found out about it after scouring the web and comparing fares. Such a great deal, I must say! The cheapest I know of for this route.

Anyway, I was planning to register for another free transit tour with ICN airport when I called Asiana to confirm my reservation. Since my Seoul stopover is 12 hours, the agent asked me if I wanted a free transit tour or hotel accommodation provided for free by Asiana. I didn’t know at that time that Asiana has its own free transit tour, although ICN airport already has its own.

Of course I had to try Asiana’s freebies this time, however, the dilemma is, if I wanted the free transit tour or the hotel accommodation. For those of you who are wondering if you can have both, the answer is no. You can only choose one, as confirmed by the Asiana phone agent with a cute Korean accent. I asked what we will be doing if I choose the free tour – the agent replied it is the same as the tour provided for by the airport, only this time the food and temple entrance fees are for free. Continue reading

FrustratedBillionaire is Now Three Years Old!

Happy Anniversary to me! Yey! But hey, seriously though, this achievement is all about you. If  not for your follows, commenting, and continuous readership, I would’ve easily given up on blogging a looong time ago. Anyway, here’s a photo I took in the Great American Highway just a few days ago to simply commemorate FrustratedBillionaire’s third year! I appreciate all the love, people. You inspire me to continue on writing. Every view, every comment, every like, pushes me further. Cheers!

Sincerely, FRUSTRATEDBILLIONAIRE Continue reading

Travel Promo Alert: Travel the World in Style with Citi’s My Unforgettable Story

For all those who are Citibank Credit Card holders, good news! If traveling is your passion and goal in life, now is the best time to pack up for your next trip as you have the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Citi’s My Unforgettable Story.

How to Join:

  • Just use your Citi Card and earn 1 raffle entry for each transaction from February 26 to August 31, 2015. No minimum spend required.
  • Be one of the 5 winners every two months and choose your prize.

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