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How is travel an investment

So How Exactly is Travel an Investment?

I just learned from a colleague that he was sent by his previous company on a 6-month business assignment in Copenhagen a few years back.

The farthest I was able to reach on a business trip was only to Singapore and Malaysia, so just imagine my envy each time I hear these stories of other colleagues being sent to expensive Europe.

I really had to ask him what other European cities he went to on weekends he’s not working, but I was appaled (okay, just shocked) when he mentioned he didn’t go anywhere and instead just stayed in his apartment and do a few side trips in and around Copenhagen on weekends.

His puzzling answer only led to me asking more questions Continue reading

How to Quickly Visit San Francisco via Market Street

How To Quickly Visit San Francisco Via Market Street

From its southwestern end where the LGBT movement is more evident to the northern tip that looks out to the San Francisco bay, taking a walk down San Francisco’s Market Street tells a story about this beautiful city’s history, its local culture, and how it came to be.

Market Street is downtown San Francisco’s major thoroughfare. This is the main road that easily connects the city together. This is also where a lot of the happenings are. Continue reading

Why is it more fun in the Philippines?

Travel Bloggers Say Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Ever since the Philippine Department of Tourism’s campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” was launched back in 2012, it went insanely viral which helped promote the beautiful islands and the vibrant cities, and no doubt this campaign was a clear winner that most Filipinos would be proud of.

The slogan is easily relatable especially to locals, and it also showed images that are truly Filipino, so it wasn’t really that hard to mention the slogan when bragging about their Philippine travels on social media.

Even foreigners delved into the rave, with visitors agreeing without a doubt that it is indeed ‘more fun in the Philippines’, so I asked fellow travel bloggers to share their experiences and on why they think it is more fun in the islands. These are what they have to say. Continue reading

How to survive New York City without breaking the bank

How to Survive New York City without Breaking the Bank

We all know the Big Apple has been consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Why not? Because as I’ve written before, it is an inspiring city to be in. It’s only a valid fact since more than 8 million people call it home, with even more outsiders wanting a piece of New York City life and reach for their dreams in this city of possibilities. Not to mention the 50 million annual tourists scouring for accommodation and touristy deals and ready to spend, it only safe to assume that visiting this city ain’t cheap. Continue reading

Manila Historical Tour

Three must-see Manila Historical Landmarks that’ll bring the History Buff out of You

Step outside one of the Philippine capital’s busy international airports and you’ll be met by a bustling city with all the necessary buildings and highways, and the noise, traffic, and pollution that comes with it. Not that I’m complaining – this capital of the Philippines is where I live and work and I only have much love for my hometown. And who doesn’t love to live in a vibrant city with all the happenings within your reach, right? However with all these, history goes almost unnoticed – especially in central business districts. As tourists just arriving for the first time in any city, they would want to feel and experience the local vibe and culture of course, but it’s a definite part of the itinerary to see and understand the history of how the place came to be.

Manila can tell a history that can fill countless history books. And there’s no doubt that the Pearl of the Orient (nickname of Manila, and the Philippines as a whole) is a landmark history buffs will definitely enjoy – you just have to know where to look.

In fact, Manila is so rich in history (and so old) that I have to give off some trivial facts:

Continue reading

The Coloseum, Rome, Italy

Valuable tips you should know before going to the Colosseum

Travelers always dream of visiting Rome when on an Italy holiday. This eternal ancient city has a history of beautiful monuments, restored ruins and churches that provide you glimpses of life during Roman Empire. Amongst the various places that grab the fancy of avid travelers, Colosseum ranks as the number 1 attraction in Italy. The amazingly ancient monument provides testimony to the architectural brilliance of Roman people and their amazing skills.

A magnificent arena that provides thrilling sights of the ancient City of Rome, the Colosseum is a destination that can never be kept out of your Italy tour list. Initially called Flavian Amphitheater, the vast arena was inaugurated way back during AD 80. The Colosseum has 50,000 seats and is travertine (a white, calcareous rock used to build ancient structures) clad, with a huge canvas covering it. It has a “Hypogeum” that is an underground complex that rests below the arena, where animals were kept in cages to fight gladiators during games inside the arena. Continue reading

All you need to know about a Batanes Trip

Batanes is in the bucket list of most Filipinos. And why not? This northernmost point of our country is indeed a paradise that very few are able to see and experience. But this experience, most often than not, requires a certain amount of cost that is quite high for a domestic travel.

I am one of those people who have had the privilege of visiting Batanes. And I must say, it is not only a paradise because of all the picture perfect views and landscapes, but also because of its people – the Ivatans. My facebook post about Batanes is one of my most-liked albums, and a lot of my friends have asked me about my recent trip – certain travel tips and itineraries that I can share for when they finally have the chance to visit this Philippine paradise we call Batanes. So, here goes. Continue reading

Experience Emirates at 40% Off with Citibank

Great news for who are planning to finally take that much awaited trip to Dubai, Europe, or USA – you’re in great timing as Citibank is currently offering up to 40% percent off of its Business class and Economy class fares. If you are planning on traveling from Manila, Cebu, or Clark to one of below cities from May 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, you are eligible to join the promo: Continue reading

The Awesome Benefits of a Google Local Guide

Google Maps has long been the go to site for travelers looking for useful information and tips on their destination. This has been a big project by Google that required thousands of resources to add information on local establishments and attractions, travel tips, and local photos that allowed everyone to plan a nearing trip. Just search for a local business or restaurant on Google Maps, and voila! It will provide a handful of information, including addresses, store hours, tips and reviews, and even photos. However there would come a time when Google would need additional help in keeping the information updated. They can’t have a Googler constantly checking out each locality just to update the information of the constant changes in the businesses and restaurants in one place, right? And with the competition only getting stiffer with Yelp, Apply Maps and Tripadvisor having thousands of members actively giving out reviews, the battle for relevant information is on.

This is when they finally turned to crowdsourcing – this time, Google needs our help as “Local Guides”, specializing in the places we live in. This is in keeping up with their ultimate goal which is to organize the world’s information, and keep that information constantly updated. And yes, they’re willing to give out handsome benefits to its Local Guides who are active contributors. It is a win-win situation, if you are a review junkie and are interested in joining meet-ups, that is. Continue reading

Get a Multiple Visa to Korea with BDO

Get a Multiple Entry Visa to Korea with your BDO Card

First off, I didn’t even know that this kind of promotion is possible (kudos to that, BDO!). For those who are wanting to finally go for that dream trip to South Korea and do repeat visits multiple times in a year (or 5 years), this is your opportunity to increase your chances of getting a multiple Korean tourist visa by applying with BDO credit cards. Continue reading