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Citibank Philippines

You Can Now Apply for Citi Credit Cards Fully Online in the Philippines

Yes, that’s right. But you might think that the title is a bit too outdated since it has already been possible to apply for credit cards online. After all, you can already easily apply online with other banks and also with Citibank, right?

Just yesterday, Citibank Philippines invited FrustratedBillionaire and many bloggers and media members to a press briefing at the luxe Discovery Primea hotel in Makati Central Business District with one goal: they needed our help to spread the word and drive the conversation back to their clients (including myself) on how Citi aims to be the leading ‘digital’ bank in the Philippines, and how they are committed to innovating how banking is done online, especially now that businesses and consumers are increasingly doing their transactions online. Continue reading


Luxe Feels in Batangas, Punta Fuego Style

Batangas is a haven for luxury resorts. It might not boast of fine white sand, endless stretch of beaches, and stunning tropical islands like the ones you would see in Bohol or Palawan, but its advantage is its proximity to Manila, the bustling metro that is the Philippine capital.

Batangas is roughly around a three-hour drive south of Metro Manila, and it is the quickest escape for those wanting to get away from all the chaos on weekends. Given the proximity, it’s no wonder that various luxury resort companies have taken their share in building and promoting Batangas (particularly Nasugbu) as a prime luxury destination.

I got to experience this with a few friends a couple of weeks ago after one of them won at a mall promotion and the prize was a two-night stay at a luxurious resort situated along the tip of a flame-shaped peninsula.

It’s called Club Punta Fuego (hence the name) in Nasugbu, Batangas. Continue reading

TBEX Manila, Philippines 2016

I Popped my TBEX Cherry & it Felt so Good! (Plus Tips for Newbies)

Each year, TBEX is held in a host country in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions, bringing the travel industry’s most creative minds together to learn, network, and do business.

What is TBEX? I asked myself after stumbling upon it over a Google search for best practices in blogging. I was the curious cat, looking at its website and after discovering more and more details about the event, it turns out that the largest gathering of travel bloggers in this planet is happening in a week! And for the first time ever, it will be held in Manila, the Philippines, my hometown! Meaning I don’t need to buy plane tickets just to get to the event!

All i know is that the awesomest creatures in this planet are attending and I should be there, too. Continue reading

Why is it more fun in the Philippines?

Travel Bloggers Say Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Ever since the Philippine Department of Tourism’s campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” was launched back in 2012, it went insanely viral which helped promote the beautiful islands and the vibrant cities, and no doubt this campaign was a clear winner that most Filipinos would be proud of.

The slogan is easily relatable especially to locals, and it also showed images that are truly Filipino, so it wasn’t really that hard to mention the slogan when bragging about their Philippine travels on social media.

Even foreigners delved into the rave, with visitors agreeing without a doubt that it is indeed ‘more fun in the Philippines’, so I asked fellow travel bloggers to share their experiences and on why they think it is more fun in the islands. These are what they have to say. Continue reading

Manila Historical Tour

Three must-see Manila Historical Landmarks that’ll bring the History Buff out of You

Step outside one of the Philippine capital’s busy international airports and you’ll be met by a bustling city with all the necessary buildings and highways, and the noise, traffic, and pollution that comes with it. Not that I’m complaining – this capital of the Philippines is where I live and work and I only have much love for my hometown. And who doesn’t love to live in a vibrant city with all the happenings within your reach, right? However with all these, history goes almost unnoticed – especially in central business districts. As tourists just arriving for the first time in any city, they would want to feel and experience the local vibe and culture of course, but it’s a definite part of the itinerary to see and understand the history of how the place came to be.

Manila can tell a history that can fill countless history books. And there’s no doubt that the Pearl of the Orient (nickname of Manila, and the Philippines as a whole) is a landmark history buffs will definitely enjoy – you just have to know where to look.

In fact, Manila is so rich in history (and so old) that I have to give off some trivial facts:

Continue reading

All you need to know about a Batanes Trip

Batanes is in the bucket list of most Filipinos. And why not? This northernmost point of our country is indeed a paradise that very few are able to see and experience. But this experience, most often than not, requires a certain amount of cost that is quite high for a domestic travel.

I am one of those people who have had the privilege of visiting Batanes. And I must say, it is not only a paradise because of all the picture perfect views and landscapes, but also because of its people – the Ivatans. My facebook post about Batanes is one of my most-liked albums, and a lot of my friends have asked me about my recent trip – certain travel tips and itineraries that I can share for when they finally have the chance to visit this Philippine paradise we call Batanes. So, here goes. Continue reading

7 Things I Learned from COL Financial Founder & Chariman Mr. Edmund K. Lee

I Ambush Interviewed COL Financial Founder Edward Lee at the 2016 Money Summit & Wealth Expo

Together with a friend, I finally got the chance to attend the last day of the Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2016 last Saturday. Since we weren’t able to attend the talks, we just looked around the Expo and decided to talk to people and explore the latest financial investment instruments available to the Philippine market. Continue reading

Start Something Different

Can Startups Save an Unproductive Philippines?

While most are busy taking selfies and others are glued to their smartphones playing Clash of Clans (COC), a few are focused on creating the next great thing to land on our smartphone screens. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed at what our society has become. Instead of wasting our time making a fad out of something, why not become busy creating something, or at least be productive (am I right people)?

Whenever I would hear colleagues talk about the local telenovela, Koreanovela, or another American TV series they binged on the night before, I would stop and realize to myself that while I am busy with my blog that same night, others are busy wasting time. I’m not completely against it though, I am a movie goer and TV watcher myself, and I like to hang out with friends, too. No doubt about that. But I think (hold your horses, this is just my sole opinion) to be glued on to something created by others is to waste precious time spent on creating or doing something worthwhile yourself. You see, the Philippines has always been a consumer nation. We love foreign brands so much that we forget to create our own and be great at it in the process. Continue reading



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Metro Manila stuns in this foreign-made vlog

Metro Manila Stuns in this Foreign-Made Vlog

For us who have called Metro Manila our home for most of our lives, I think we will all agree (hey, comment below if you beg to differ aight) when I say that we’ve already had enough of the chaotic Manila and that we definitely needed a breather and push for a better metro.

Pushing our government and society for a change (for a better and cleaner looking metro, that is) takes lots of money, effort, and time. But what if all we needed was to look from a different perspective, and then maybe, everything will turn out to be, well, a great place to live in after all.

Thanks to YouTube vlogger Georg Frank for creating below 11-minute, mind-blowingly and painstakingly well-crafted video Continue reading