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How to apply for a US Tourist Visa

How to easily apply for a US Tourist Visa (plus some tips…)

Let me start this with a boring disclaimer. Before anything else, know that I am in no way a visa expert. The things I’ll be discussing here are purely based on my experiences of successfully applying for a 10-year multiple entry US tourist visa, and that’s it. I’ll try to update this if there are significant changes, however it is up to you to confirm the ever changing procedures and requirements with the official US Travel Docs Website. Whew now with all that out of the way, let’s do this!

A lot of my friends have been asking me lately on how to successfully apply for a tourist visa to the United States for my trips to the “land of the free” quite too many times already, so I think it’s about time that I write about my experiences and know-how when applying for a tourist visa at the US Embassy in the Philippines.

As with any other visa application to any other country, the requirements and procedures provided in the US Embassy website are very straightforward. But because of the hefty fees, lengthy procedures, and sometimes frustratingly confusing instructions (thank your ‘credible’ source for that), it’s just right and understandable for applicants to double check and consult with others on how the process really works, and the best practices to increase the chances of getting approved. Continue reading

How is travel an investment

So How Exactly is Travel an Investment?

I just learned from a colleague that he was sent by his previous company on a 6-month business assignment in Copenhagen a few years back.

The farthest I was able to reach on a business trip was only to Singapore and Malaysia, so just imagine my envy each time I hear these stories of other colleagues being sent to expensive Europe.

I really had to ask him what other European cities he went to on weekends he’s not working, but I was appaled (okay, just shocked) when he mentioned he didn’t go anywhere and instead just stayed in his apartment and do a few side trips in and around Copenhagen on weekends.

His puzzling answer only led to me asking more questions Continue reading

How to pay for your travels with Freelance Writing

How to Pay for All Your Overseas Adventures with Freelance Writing

This is a guest post from Kevin Casey, The Jet-setting Copywriter from Australia. He explains to us how he travels all over the globe – and pays for it all with his writing business. Know more about him in his guest blogger profile at the end of this post. Thanks by the way Kevin, for sharing your inspiring story with us.

I just had my most lucrative year ever as a freelance writer, which was awesome – and I only had to work two-thirds of the year to do it. I spent the rest of the year travelling.

I played digital nomad in South America for 5 weeks, snorkelled with mantas on the Great Barrier Reef, rented a penthouse apartment in Milan for a while and enjoyed summer weather in Portugal and Spain. I also explored Tasmania and spent a month in the Bolivian jungle tracking and photographing wildlife with an indigenous guide.

The profits from my freelance writing business pay for three distinct types of trips – part-time digital nomad adventures in interesting foreign cities (when I write a lot), normal holidays (when I write very little) and serious wilderness explorations (when I leave the laptop at home). I enjoy a truly location-dependent lifestyle – I can work from my home in Australia or travel for as long as I like whenever I feel the urge. Continue reading

How to survive New York City without breaking the bank

How to Survive New York City without Breaking the Bank

We all know the Big Apple has been consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Why not? Because as I’ve written before, it is an inspiring city to be in. It’s only a valid fact since more than 8 million people call it home, with even more outsiders wanting a piece of New York City life and reach for their dreams in this city of possibilities. Not to mention the 50 million annual tourists scouring for accommodation and touristy deals and ready to spend, it only safe to assume that visiting this city ain’t cheap. Continue reading

Top Travel Hacking Sites

Travel Hacking Sites I Personally Use & Recommend

Searching for the best (and cheapest) flight is exciting and painstaking at the same time. I mean, who doesn’t want the cheapest flight, right? Add to that our preferences for the airport, choice of airline, seat assignment, baggage assignment, and flight date & time, and our search just becomes even more complicated. Add to that the abundance of flight search websites that only drains our research energy and ultimately causes info overload. Too many options, right? #FirstWorldProblems. What if we could keep it simple and quick?

Most would prefer booking directly with the airline’s official website (I do). This is recommended, and usually airline websites already have already guaranteed the lowest fare promise – but this isn’t going to stop us from scouring the net to compare the best price for our chosen itinerary. Below is the list of fare comparison sites that I personally use and recommend in your search for the best ticket. Readers have also listed down their go-to travel hacking sites in the community forum (add yours too!). And since you’re already here and you’re obviously wanting a bargain on your travels right now, why not read my blog post on a cheapskate’s guide to traveling? Continue reading

Ultimate Japan Trip Checklist

Before You Leave: Your Ultimate Japan Trip Checklist

Ready to go on your much awaited ultimate Japan trip? Hang on! Japan is a truly exciting place to take a trip in, but there are few important things to tick off your checklist before you leave to ensure that you enjoy and maximize your Japan trip. Traveling on a budget? I’ve got you covered – I’ve put together a cheapskate’s guide to traveling. Continue reading

Renew Philippine Passport in Layman's Term

Renewing Your Philippine Passport in Layman’s Term

Renewing your expired Philippine passport can be quite a headache, and considering the fact that personal appearance is strictly required during the process, you would not want to miss out on any required documents/money that will oblige you to make multiple trips to the DFA office instead of just one.

There are tons of unnecessarily complex information available on the internet to guide you in this process, but in this article I’ll try to give you a guide that is as short, concise, and quick & easy to understand as possible (and also with only a few links). I’m gonna break down the entire process into 3 to spare you from info overload hehe. You can also print this out to serve as your checklist. Continue reading

Can You Book a Room That's Sold Out?

How to Score a Room in a ‘No Vacancy’ Hotel

There are lots of travel hacks available out there, but take time to check this video out and find out new tricks to add to your already known portfolio of hacks. In this National Geographic episode, host Brian Brushwood shows us that even if the hotel receptionist tells you it has no vacancies, you may still be able to get a room for the night anyway. Continue reading

New York City Celebrity Spotting

How to Spot a Celebrity in New York City

I recently went to New York not to see celebrities but to actually see and experience New York for the first time. But I did see celebrities. Unexpectedly.

When you roam the city, do not be surprised if you see yourself suddenly in the middle of a teen girl mob chasing a black vehicle with Justin Bieber in it. It seems that New York is the new Hollywood. As I’ve written in another blog post, maybe because this is a truly inspiring city where you can dream to make it big. I have to admit, I felt the rush of celebrity sightseeing in the Big Apple. Hence, based on my experience, here’s a guide on how to spot a celebrity in New York City. Continue reading

What is a World Passport?

What is a World Passport?

The World Passport is a document issued by the World Service Authority, a Washington, D.C. based organization founded by Garry Davis in 1954, citing Article 13, Section 2, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I was just wondering, can you really use a World Passport to assert your ‘right’ to travel regardless of your nationality on below basis?

Article 13, Section 2, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.

2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

I remember writing an article about my rants whenever my travel requires a visa. When I initially learned about this I was delighted at first that this kind of passport actually exists. I wanted to get one for my own use to travel to Europe and other countries visa (hassle) free. Continue reading