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Singapore at Night

My First Out of the Country Business Trip in Singapore

Man, I was stopped with what I was doing one day when my boss asked if I have my passport ready – I was going to Singapore for 2 weeks! How cool was that? I have colleagues in the company I work at who have been sent to trips abroad for business reasons, and I was so glad that I also get to have a free trip (all expenses paid – including allowance and your own spacious hotel room with bathtub). To be honest, I couldn’t help but to think of the food I will plan to eat and the places I will visit more than the work I was sent there to do in the first place. LOL!

Much to my excitement, I completed the required documents (passport, travel form) the very same night even if I still had a week before the deadline. I was so glad, I did not think that it is actually possible for me to be sent abroad for a free trip. 3 days before my departure, I received my GENEROUS pocket money, travel insurance, flight details, and my hotel booking. Continue reading