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The Coloseum, Rome, Italy

Valuable tips you should know before going to the Colosseum

Travelers always dream of visiting Rome when on an Italy holiday. This eternal ancient city has a history of beautiful monuments, restored ruins and churches that provide you glimpses of life during Roman Empire. Amongst the various places that grab the fancy of avid travelers, Colosseum ranks as the number 1 attraction in Italy. The amazingly ancient monument provides testimony to the architectural brilliance of Roman people and their amazing skills.

A magnificent arena that provides thrilling sights of the ancient City of Rome, the Colosseum is a destination that can never be kept out of your Italy tour list. Initially called Flavian Amphitheater, the vast arena was inaugurated way back during AD 80. The Colosseum has 50,000 seats and is travertine (a white, calcareous rock used to build ancient structures) clad, with a huge canvas covering it. It has a “Hypogeum” that is an underground complex that rests below the arena, where animals were kept in cages to fight gladiators during games inside the arena. Continue reading