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How is travel an investment

So How Exactly is Travel an Investment?

I just learned from a colleague that he was sent by his previous company on a 6-month business assignment in Copenhagen a few years back.

The farthest I was able to reach on a business trip was only to Singapore and Malaysia, so just imagine my envy each time I hear these stories of other colleagues being sent to expensive Europe.

I really had to ask him what other European cities he went to on weekends he’s not working, but I was appaled (okay, just shocked) when he mentioned he didn’t go anywhere and instead just stayed in his apartment and do a few side trips in and around Copenhagen on weekends.

His puzzling answer only led to me asking more questions Continue reading

Why is it more fun in the Philippines?

Travel Bloggers Say Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Ever since the Philippine Department of Tourism’s campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” was launched back in 2012, it went insanely viral which helped promote the beautiful islands and the vibrant cities, and no doubt this campaign was a clear winner that most Filipinos would be proud of.

The slogan is easily relatable especially to locals, and it also showed images that are truly Filipino, so it wasn’t really that hard to mention the slogan when bragging about their Philippine travels on social media.

Even foreigners delved into the rave, with visitors agreeing without a doubt that it is indeed ‘more fun in the Philippines’, so I asked fellow travel bloggers to share their experiences and on why they think it is more fun in the islands. These are what they have to say. Continue reading

How do you get your resume to actually be noticed by Google?

We all know that Google is one of the best places to work for. Aside from its unusually cool benefits and perks like free gourmet food, if you want to be a founder of your own startup someday and actually own your own company, Google is the first company one would think of joining and gain big-ticket experience from.

Before we start on our secret plan to take over the world, how do we get past the first step, which is to get your resume out there in the faces of Google reps and get their precious time and attention? Whatever our qualifications are or however great and valuable we may be at our current or previous company, that’s nothing if your resume don’t even reach their desks for some meticulous scrutiny. If you’re like me who would do anything – ANYTHING – to get their attention, there must be some way to do so, right? Yes there is, and I mean getting referrals from someone already working at Google. Continue reading

Start Something Different

Can Startups Save an Unproductive Philippines?

While most are busy taking selfies and others are glued to their smartphones playing Clash of Clans (COC), a few are focused on creating the next great thing to land on our smartphone screens. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed at what our society has become. Instead of wasting our time making a fad out of something, why not become busy creating something, or at least be productive (am I right people)?

Whenever I would hear colleagues talk about the local telenovela, Koreanovela, or another American TV series they binged on the night before, I would stop and realize to myself that while I am busy with my blog that same night, others are busy wasting time. I’m not completely against it though, I am a movie goer and TV watcher myself, and I like to hang out with friends, too. No doubt about that. But I think (hold your horses, this is just my sole opinion) to be glued on to something created by others is to waste precious time spent on creating or doing something worthwhile yourself. You see, the Philippines has always been a consumer nation. We love foreign brands so much that we forget to create our own and be great at it in the process. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Google: Hire Me (Please?)

Hiya future fellow Googler,

Mabuhay! Welcome to my blog. You must have stumbled into this humble blog of mine because I bragged on my pimped up resume about FrustratedBillionaire.

I know that you already have my resume but since space is scarce in a one-page account of my professional life and now that you’re already here reading these exact words, let me tell you more about why I want to work for Google, and why you should hire me. Continue reading

What's a Sy Family Lunch Like?

What Happens During Lunch with the Family that Built SM?

What happens during Tuesday lunches of the Sy family just leaves a lot to our imagination. If given a chance I’d choose to be a fly on a wall having a surreal experience and use all of the information I get to my advantage. Haha just kidding!

In below video, CNBC’s Managing Asia host Christine Tan talks to Teresita Sy-Coson, the Vice-Chairperson of SM Investments Corporation. Since her Father, Henry Sy, Sr, the founder of SM Prime Holdings and the country’s richest man is already 89 years old and rarely attends board meetings, Tessie has been mostly in charge in leading the direction of the SM group. She’s the eldest among the Sy siblings, and each of them look up to her for advice. Tessie and her five siblings get together every Tuesday for lunch to plot the group’s direction. What do they talk about? Continue reading

I'm nominated at the Bloggys 2015!

I’m nominated at the Bloggys 2015!

There comes a point when a startup blogger realizes that it’s time to try out his luck at bagging some awards that would hopefully provide reassurance that he made a decision to pursue a tedious career as a blogger. Well, I finally had the courage to do so when I signed up for the Philippine Blogging Awards #Bloggys2015 three weeks ago and snagged some tickets to the 21st November awards night. You automatically get nominated once you register for the awards night (that is, if you are a serious blogger and is considered a blogger according to their set of standards), that’s why I can confidently state that in this post’s blog title. LOL!

I went ahead to last night’s awards night not expecting to win anything but with the goal of knowing more about the blogging industry especially here in the local Philippine market, as well as to socialize, network, and learn from fellow bloggers and know them personally and connect with them. Continue reading

RIchard Branson Billionaire Boss

How does Billionaire Richard Branson Respond to his Office Emails?

How do you reply to your work related emails like a billionaire boss? You can ask Sir Richard Branson about that.

Richard, who is the founder of Virgin Group (comprising more than 400 companies), runs his Virgin empire from his poolside office in Necker Island,  which he also happens to own. He has been holding office in this island in the Caribbean for years now, and he’s not going away from this island anytime soon.

How does he respond to his office emails, you ask? Meet Helen Clarke and Jo South, his two lovely (and lucky) personal assistants. Every morning Richard meets up with them by the poolside office on the island to help him with his emails. Continue reading

ArtLotto #ArtLotto Philippines

Be a patriot, recognize & promote Pinoy art, win P450,000!

With all the bad vibes, awful news, and tasteless political adverts saturating our social media feeds, don’t you think it’s about time we focus on all the good about our country and at the same time win cash for it? Keep your eyes on the look out for all sorts and myriad of art around you, because your next social media post about Pinoy art could be your ticket to P450,000! #ArtLotto launched October 15 across the nation.

A project by Publicis JimenezBasic, E. Zobel Foundation, and 4As Creative Guild of the Philippines in collaboration with local artists and art institutions, #ArtLotto is a public service effort that aims to make people be more conscious and recognize the abundance of Philippine art around them, and eventually, help them become richer, both their pockets and their minds. It intends to democratize what seems to be very elitist and tries to make art more inclusive instead of exclusive. And ultimately, it intends to make people be more conscious of art everywhere.

Continue reading

The beautiful Pinay professionals of LinkedIn

The Beautiful Pinay Professionals of LinkedIn

Beauty and brains. That’s all I can say about these gorgeous, sophisticated, graceful, elegant, and smart Pinays whose public profiles I’ve found on the professional networking site LinkedIn.

I recently played around with my account I’ve chosen my list of fine and refined professional Filipinas based on the following considerations:

  1. Must have clear head shots
  2. Profiles must state that they are located in the Philippines
  3. Must not be personally known by me

This may sound stalker-ish, but my purpose in this post is to showcase the beauty of the Philippine working/professional women. For the women whose profiles I’ve listed below, feel free to contact me if you wish your profile to be taken down – I’ll respectfully oblige.

The following list is ordered alphabetically and not based on appearance, experience, or intelligence Continue reading