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Event Wrap-up: COL’s Investing Summit Advocates Financial Literacy Among Filipinos

Well, that was fast! Three weeks ago I announced in a blog post about COL’s Smart Investing Summit to help spread the word to fellow Filipinos, and now here I am writing about the exciting and educationally fulfilling event after a press release by its organizers.

COL Financial (which is currently the Philippines’ largest online stock broker), in partnership with SM Investment Corporation, has just successfully concluded their nationwide financial literacy summit called SMart Investing – COL’s 2016 Wealth Building Summit for the Filipino Investor. The summit aimed to educate Filipinos so they can better understand how investing and the stock market works. Continue reading

Part III_My Experience Investing in the Stock Market with COL Financial

Part III: My Experience on Investing in the Stock Market with COL Financial

Last week I had the chance to revisit my COL Financial account after my colleague (who helped me identify which stocks to buy) alerted me that the PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) stocks I bought sometime in June last year were actually doing good. It has been one year since the time I opened my COL account, and it’s really exciting and rewarding knowing that a year has already passed since I first invested, and now is the right time to see if my “long-term” investment strategy is already bearing fruit. Most readers have been waiting and asking for this brief, so here goes my second update on my investment experience with PSE stocks.

Continue reading

7 Things I Learned from COL Financial Founder & Chariman Mr. Edmund K. Lee

I Ambush Interviewed COL Financial Founder Edward Lee at the 2016 Money Summit & Wealth Expo

Together with a friend, I finally got the chance to attend the last day of the Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2016 last Saturday. Since we weren’t able to attend the talks, we just looked around the Expo and decided to talk to people and explore the latest financial investment instruments available to the Philippine market. Continue reading

Which is a better investment Unit Investment Trust Fund UITF or Stock Market

Which is a better investment: UITF or Stock Market?

Today I received a Facebook message from 22 year old Paula, an avid reader of my blog, with below question:

Hi! Your blog is truly an inspiration for a newbie like me. I am incredibly inspired! I’m 22 yo and I am thinking of investing but I am confused where to invest first. Will it be equity fund or in stock market. For your preference, I know this message might be too much info to give, but I want to take a shot. Thanks in advance!!! – Paula

It’s a great question, actually. As someone (myself) who’s not really technically knowledgeable about investments but instead bases his decisions on research, continuous “testing of the waters” and experiences, I think that this question makes a lot of sense and deserves to be shared to the readers of my blog. Continue reading

Difference Between Bull and Bear Markets in Laymans Term

The Difference of Bull and Bear Markets in Layman’s Term

I’ve written about my investments on forex, equity fund, and the stock market, and I thought it’s important to discuss the difference between bull and bear markets for us to better understand and help us in setting our expectations when news outlets announce a bullish or a bearish market. Another excellent benefit of knowing this is that it will make you look smart during discussions with your boss and the executive team at the next company night out. Continue reading