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How is travel an investment

So How Exactly is Travel an Investment?

I just learned from a colleague that he was sent by his previous company on a 6-month business assignment in Copenhagen a few years back.

The farthest I was able to reach on a business trip was only to Singapore and Malaysia, so just imagine my envy each time I hear these stories of other colleagues being sent to expensive Europe.

I really had to ask him what other European cities he went to on weekends he’s not working, but I was appaled (okay, just shocked) when he mentioned he didn’t go anywhere and instead just stayed in his apartment and do a few side trips in and around Copenhagen on weekends.

His puzzling answer only led to me asking more questions Continue reading

Event Wrap-up: COL’s Investing Summit Advocates Financial Literacy Among Filipinos

Well, that was fast! Three weeks ago I announced in a blog post about COL’s Smart Investing Summit to help spread the word to fellow Filipinos, and now here I am writing about the exciting and educationally fulfilling event after a press release by its organizers.

COL Financial (which is currently the Philippines’ largest online stock broker), in partnership with SM Investment Corporation, has just successfully concluded their nationwide financial literacy summit called SMart Investing – COL’s 2016 Wealth Building Summit for the Filipino Investor. The summit aimed to educate Filipinos so they can better understand how investing and the stock market works. Continue reading

COL SMart Investing Summit 2016

COL’s SMart Investing Summit: the Free Event in Manila is Here!

Everyone’s invited!

Organized by one of the Philippines’ most trusted names in stock broking, COL Financial, together with its partners SM Investments Corporation, ATRAM, BPI Investment Management Inc, First Metro Asset Management, Philam Asset Management, PhilEquity, and Sun Life Asset Management, is holding COL’s 2016 Wealth Building Summit for the Filipino Investor at the SMX Convention Center in Taguig this September.

COL’s investor education roadshow will gather stock market and investment experts to discuss successful wealth building for both new and experienced investors.

This is a free event that aims to enlighten interested Filipinos on what to expect when they invest, what the process is, and also to help them realize that investing is not only for the rich and privileged. Continue reading

5 SignsYou’re Not Doing Well Financially

5 Signs You’re Not Doing Well Financially

Let’s welcome guest blogger Kyle Kam’s contribution below – see his author profile at the end of this article.

The day-to-day management of your finances is a challenge all on its own. You can never predict when something might happen to negatively impact your finances, especially when you don’t have savings or when your emergency fund won’t be enough to cover everything.

This could be one of the many signs that you aren’t doing well financially. While you could argue that you’re pretty much set in your ways when it comes to the way you handle your money, it’s something that you can change, and is worth changing.

Here are some of the signs you need to look out for. Continue reading

What Platform should you choose when Sending Money Overseas?

Just as there is a wide range of people sending money overseas, there is as wide a range of options. It makes sense. After all, a business will inevitably have different needs to an individual. Nonetheless, banks and other financial institutions are all clamoring for your patronage, and choosing the right option can be confusing.

Think about the following…

  • someone buying a property abroad will need to send around US$100,000
  • small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and online retailers need to move around US$10 to US$20 thousand a month
  • expats transfer about $1 to $5 thousand a month
  • while migrant workers send home sums of just hundreds of dollars every month

A $10 fee might mean little when you’re transferring tens or hundreds of thousands, but will be a significant blow if you’re sending a few hundred. Continue reading

Reasons why I will never invest in a Variable Life Insurance

Why I will never Invest in Variable Life Insurances

I’ve been bummed with the number of Sun Life Variable Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL) proposals I got since last year from sneaky and VERY persistent referrals that I never met before, and up until recently, from a colleague of mine whom I’m not that close with but enough to crack a hilarious joke with and drink a bottle or two with. Of course they’d all mention “para sa kinabukasan mo to” (“this is for your future”), as if they suddenly had that genuine concern about my uncertain horizon. They’d also occasionally throw-in some scare tactics like “what if you already have your own family and you suddenly die?” or something else that makes you feel a looming, dark future ahead of you and get you itching to close that deal.

At first I thought that hey, it would be good that I get myself and insurance because, well, this is the norm. Everybody should get life insurance to secure their future and lessen the risks of a gloomy future. I know I can afford it but there are other things I want to do with my money, like save some up in a bank for my emergency use, save a few for my future travels, and invest the rest in UITFs, forex, stocks and bonds. Of course I get scared of my future and I want to secure it while I’m young. But when you’re young and earning, you tend to be more aggressive and earn more to secure your future and think of ways to achieve that. And I personally think a Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL), which is a life insurance that comes with investment options that allows your money to grow, isn’t efficient enough to do that for me. Well for me, at least. And to keep my options open while I think if it’s just right that I get myself a VUL, I sometimes leave them hanging, waiting for that final moment that I’ll sign that precious contract of theirs. Am I bad? I think not. I think they’re worse, because they’re only after my money, and they know for themselves that my money will be better off invested somewhere else. Continue reading

Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2016

Money Summit & Wealth Expo is back this 2016!

This will be an exciting event for Filipinos like me who are interested in investments and ultimately achieving growth of their wealth! The 10th Money Summit & Wealth Expo will be happening this 29th-30th April at SMX Aura, BGC, Taguig City.

Since bright minds think alike and like-minded people may be attending as well, this educational event will be the perfect opportunity for us to network, share best practices, and connect. There will be over 30 exhibitors of investment products in the event, so it will be a perfect time for you to go around and ask all the questions you want to help in your decision, in case you wish to shop for one. Most of all, you will be having access to expert speakers regarding funds, stocks, forex, and real estate. Ask away, do not leave this 3-day event without being able to identify how you can grow your money. After all, there is a hefty price to pay for to attend this event (up to P5,000+VAT). But do not fret, they currently have an early bird promotion – 40% off on all tickets if you use COUPON CODE: RB40 on your purchase on or before February 29. Update: Get free passes here (promo ’til April 22 only). Continue reading

Money Summit Cebu Philippines

Money Summit & Wealth Expo is back, this time in Cebu!

Learn from top investment experts how to make money from stocks, funds, forex, and real estate

Money Summit is returning to Cebu after two years. If you’re from Cebu or nearby cities, or know someone from there, this is a great opportunity to learn from the country’s leading real estate and stock market investors, including:

  • Noli Alleje, Managing Director of The Property Forum, who made millions in foreclosed properties and has sold and invested in real estate all over the Philippines
  • Carl Dy, CEO of Spectrum Investments, who generates passive income from rentals from a growing portfolio of residential and commercial properties
  • Fitz Villafuerte, founder and blogger of Ready to be Rich, who makes money from business, stocks, forex, and investment funds
  • Jacqueline Van den Ende, managing director of Lamudi Philippines, the leading real estate portal in the Philippines

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Things that are never worth your money

What are Things that are Never Worth Your Money?

The world we live in is so saturated with unnecessary things that are surprisingly marketable or “mabenta”, when in reality we could go on our lives without them and save our pockets from such needless, and sometimes absurd, purchases. Have a look at some of these and find out if you are guilty of such irrelevant buys! They may be a fad for now, but I’m sure, they’ll pass.

Useless cellphone accessories such as underwear for your phone, and a handphone for your handphone. Can’t stress that enough. Continue reading

Numbers to Call when Comparing Forex & Currency Rates in Metro Manila

Comparing Forex Rates in Manila

Whether you are a foreigner visiting the metro or a local planning a trip abroad, nothing beats having a handy contact list to find out which money changer buys the highest and sells the lowest currency/foreign exchange rates. This is especially true, more relevant, and more useful the higher the value of the currency is that you wish to change (since the difference and savings really wouldn’t matter if you’re just planning on changing a few bucks or so).

I’ve been in this situation as well, so I’ve created this contact list that you can easily refer to or save as an image on your phone or whatever (I am not endorsing any of the money changers below). This is to help you identify what the current average is and help you decide on where to have your money exchanged. Just take note of a few reminders when having your currency changed: Continue reading