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Citibank Philippines

You Can Now Apply for Citi Credit Cards Fully Online in the Philippines

Yes, that’s right. But you might think that the title is a bit too outdated since it has already been possible to apply for credit cards online. After all, you can already easily apply online with other banks and also with Citibank, right?

Just yesterday, Citibank Philippines invited FrustratedBillionaire and many bloggers and media members to a press briefing at the luxe Discovery Primea hotel in Makati Central Business District with one goal: they needed our help to spread the word and drive the conversation back to their clients (including myself) on how Citi aims to be the leading ‘digital’ bank in the Philippines, and how they are committed to innovating how banking is done online, especially now that businesses and consumers are increasingly doing their transactions online. Continue reading

Discover Opportunities at the Philippine SME Business Expo this October

Thinking of finally launching that business idea that has been bugging you all this time? It may be wise to make a stop-over at the Philippine SME Business Expo [PHILSME] this October to gain valuable insights on how the various SME industries are doing in the Philippine set-up.

This is also our chance to meet with business leaders, company owners, senior level executives, decision makers and build new business relationships amongst SME’s in the Philippines.

The expo, which is known to be the Philippines’ Largest Business-2-Business Expo, Conference & Networking Event for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will launch its 4th run this October 21-22, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center Hall 3, Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City. Continue reading

How to pay for your travels with Freelance Writing

How to Pay for All Your Overseas Adventures with Freelance Writing

This is a guest post from Kevin Casey, The Jet-setting Copywriter from Australia. He explains to us how he travels all over the globe – and pays for it all with his writing business. Know more about him in his guest blogger profile at the end of this post. Thanks by the way Kevin, for sharing your inspiring story with us.

I just had my most lucrative year ever as a freelance writer, which was awesome – and I only had to work two-thirds of the year to do it. I spent the rest of the year travelling.

I played digital nomad in South America for 5 weeks, snorkelled with mantas on the Great Barrier Reef, rented a penthouse apartment in Milan for a while and enjoyed summer weather in Portugal and Spain. I also explored Tasmania and spent a month in the Bolivian jungle tracking and photographing wildlife with an indigenous guide.

The profits from my freelance writing business pay for three distinct types of trips – part-time digital nomad adventures in interesting foreign cities (when I write a lot), normal holidays (when I write very little) and serious wilderness explorations (when I leave the laptop at home). I enjoy a truly location-dependent lifestyle – I can work from my home in Australia or travel for as long as I like whenever I feel the urge. Continue reading

Is it worth the rent at weekend markets-Inspiring merchants share their stories

Is it Worth Renting at Weekend Markets? Inspiring Merchants Share Their Stories

Although it’s not only exclusive to budding businesses, weekend markets make for a great venue to take your entrepreneurial skills out for a test drive.

Why not? I mean, weekend markets are great places to showcase your products in a trendy consumer-centric setting, allowing you to directly get feedback from customers and gain exposure for your brand, and at the same time find out how your products fare against other businesses in the venue.

And since weekend markets are mostly done during weekends (of course), it gives flexibility to business owners who don’t have the financial resources to rent out a place for longer periods and subsequently having to build a physical store, instead allowing them to pay for rent only during weekends when consumers are out and about. Continue reading

What’s all the rave about Pokémon GO & how can you make money off of it?

In the past few weeks or so my Facebook news feed has been quite nostalgic. Why not? With countless posts from my friends boasting about their latest Pokémon catch from the recently released Pokémon Go! Android and iOS app, I can’t help but to feel like I’m constantly being thrown back to the simple days of 1996, with a younger version of me watching Pokémon on network TV from Mondays to Fridays wishing I could be Ash in my own fantasy world and catch ’em Pokémons (especially you, Pikachu. And also you, Mewtwo)! Continue reading

The relative joys of success (and failure)

The Seemingly Unbearable Failures of some of the World’s Billionaires

Doesn’t it seem unfair whenever we experience mistakes and failures in our career or business? The feeling makes it even more unbearable when a friend reads us a positive quote on failure and how we must embrace failures and learn from it. Yeah, right. It’s easier said that done.

But what if it’s all fair, after all? All of us experience mistakes and failures at some point in our productive lives, it just all depends on how we react to it. Either we pick up from where we were, learn a huge deal from it, and push ourselves some more, or, dwell on our mistakes and regret our past for the rest of our lives. Continue reading

Start Something Different

Can Startups Save an Unproductive Philippines?

While most are busy taking selfies and others are glued to their smartphones playing Clash of Clans (COC), a few are focused on creating the next great thing to land on our smartphone screens. To be honest, I’m quite disappointed at what our society has become. Instead of wasting our time making a fad out of something, why not become busy creating something, or at least be productive (am I right people)?

Whenever I would hear colleagues talk about the local telenovela, Koreanovela, or another American TV series they binged on the night before, I would stop and realize to myself that while I am busy with my blog that same night, others are busy wasting time. I’m not completely against it though, I am a movie goer and TV watcher myself, and I like to hang out with friends, too. No doubt about that. But I think (hold your horses, this is just my sole opinion) to be glued on to something created by others is to waste precious time spent on creating or doing something worthwhile yourself. You see, the Philippines has always been a consumer nation. We love foreign brands so much that we forget to create our own and be great at it in the process. Continue reading

My business story: Harley Pascua

My Business Story: Harley Pascua of Netzwelt, Pascua’s Kitchen, &

In continuation of my series of interviews with experienced/aspiring Pinoy entrepreneurs, in this blog post I have interviewed entrepreneur Harley Pascua, who co-founded three thriving businesses. Harley always wanted to start his own business even before graduating in college. After college, he didn’t waste time, and started his own software business with his friends while maintaining a day job. Fast forward to today, Harley is now involved in diverse and blooming businesses. Since all of the businesses he has co-founded are capital intensive, they have decided to set them all up as corporations so that they can invite investors in the near future for business expansion.

FrustratedBillionaire: Tell us something about your businesses.

Harley: I am part of the three businesses below. Two of which is related to consulting, and another, a family restaurant business.

Netzwelt Inc.

We are a software services company serving clients in Europe, US and Australia through our partners in Germany. We conceptualize, design, develop and maintain software platforms that are being used in more than 70 countries worldwide. Established in 2014, we now have 8 employees serving 4 customers in 3 different time zones worldwide. Starting with an initial capital of just PHP 125,000.00 the business is now earning at least 7 million Pesos a year from software services alone. Continue reading

My Business Story, Ivan Requinta of Liquot, Inc. and Busog, Inc.

My Business Story: Ivan Requinta of Liquot Inc. & Busog Inc.

Nothing beats knowing about starting your own business than learning from the valuable experiences of accomplished individuals who were brave enough to take the plunge into the “risky” and “unstable” business world. Most would prefer having the peace of mind and sanity of keeping a stable job knowing there would be money coming in the next payday. There would also occasionally be some curious souls wondering if they can change their financial fate by starting their own business and finally be their own boss (that includes me).

To satisfy that curiosity of ours, I have interviewed a few Filipino entrepreneurs who have experienced the ups and downs of starting abusiness in the Philippines and survived to tell us about their great success stories. Our goal here would be to learn from their experiences, and then ultimately understand what it takes to start our own businesses and identify possible issues that we may not already be aware of.

The first Filipino entrepreneur I have interviewed for this series is Ivan Requinta, who co-founded Liquot Inc. (t-shirt merchandising) and Busog Inc. (food business). Continue reading

4 Things: Why the Chinese Filipino are Successful

11 days to go and Chinese people all over the world will be celebrating the Chinese New Year. For us here  in the Philippines, that means we’ll start hearing the greetings Kung Hei Fat Choi and Kyong Hee Wat Tsai more often and may already be receiving Tikoy (sticky rice cake for stronger, stickier ties) and fruits for this special occassion from our family and friends.

For the Chinese Filipino, often referred to as Chinoys or Tsinoys, this is also a celebration of thanksgiving. Giving thanks for the fruitful past year and also giving thanks in advance for the more prosperous and more fruitful year ahead. Families gather for a special feast, all required to wear red. It’s a plus if you wear a lucky charm of some sort. Elders give red money envelopes, called Angpao, to the kids, which makes this an exciting event for the kids. Of course, there will always be the well orchestrated and beautiful Dragon and Lion dance which to me is like a work of art, to ward off bad spirits.

All of these traditions are believed to bring in peace, luck, and prosperity to the celebrating Chinese Filipino families, and well, most of us would think the beliefs indeed work their magic. Why would one not think that? They have the most success and money in the Philippines. From large corporations (ehem, SM, Robinsons, Megaworld, PAL, and the list goes on…) to the small-scale businesses like hardware stores, one would not fail to see a Chinese Filipino family behind most of it. It is not only true in the Philippines, the same is true in most of South East Asia (including Singapore and Malaysia) as well. Those of Chinese descent are very successful.

Disclaimer: Before anyone gives off a violent reaction, I’m not saying that all Chinoys are successful and vice versa. I speak in general. My goal in this article is to identify the good qualities of the Chinese Filipino which all of us can learn from.

Continue reading